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Too Late To Claim
Written by Chichi
Episode fourteen
Chris sat on a bench outside the hostel in the camp,his hand holding his chin.
One could tell that he was seriously thinking about something.
Few moments later his friend Chima walked up to him swinging his hands to and fro.
“Guy how far”he asked but Chris mind was far away.
“Guy” Chima said tapping him on his shoulder which brought him back to reality.
“Hey Chima” he reluctantly replied stretching his hand for a shake.
Chima ignored his hand and sat near him.
“Guy what is the problem na?” Chima asked looking at him.
He adjusted himself resting his head on the wall.
“Talk to your guy na” Chima said again.
“Chima,I am tired of this service abeg,I can’t wait to get out of here” he replied.
Chima couldn’t help but laughed at loud which made his friend to look at him.
“Why you dey laugh na? Did I crack a joke or what?” He asked in annoyance.
“Yes o, you cracked a big joke” Chima replied still laughing.
He hissed and turned his head toward the other side.
After seconds,Chima stopped laughing when he realized that his friend has gotten angry.
“Guy” he called “I am sorry for laughing just that it was so funny, seriously that is a woman talk”
“Oh really?” Chris asked turning back to face Chima.
“Of course,see guy,we have come very far ok.
I believed the most difficult times were during our university days.
Where we have loads of exams to write and projects to do.
Spending money here and there to please lecturers.
NYSC may be a little stressful but there are a lot of fun in it and I tell you,i am enjoying it so much.
Within few months,we will be through and out of here facing the world ready to prove what we have acquired all these years.
So cheer up guy.”
“You know, this is the only sensible thing you have said since I know you, Never knew you have sense like this,
Where did you keep it since?” Chris said smiling.
“Inside your boxers idiot” Chima fired back
“So what is the meaning of that na?”Chima asked frowning
“So everything I have been saying since university are nonsense abi?”
“Of course buddy, seriously I am actually surprised,is like the hot sun from this camp is shinning sense into your brain” Chris responded laughing.
“Guy,I just don’t have your time,is like the konji you never do is affecting your head”
“Talking of konji” Chris replied ” Seriously I am yet to find any girl to replace my university girlfriends o,
Are there no beautiful damels in this camp?
Man is hot o”
“And why are you asking me,.as what?” Chima asked
“As minister of konji affairs na” Chris said laughing again.
“If I slap you ehh”Chima said laughing “but come to think of it, you might be right o,Na only fat, ugly, shapeless girls I dey see for here even the slim ones non follow as they look like a stick of broom”
“Oho, you see am right” Chris said nodding in agreement.
“Guy let’s go take a walk around” Chima said to him standing up.
“Walk or you want to search for something?” Chris asked
“Both na” Chima replied laughing
“Bad guy” Chris said as he stood up from the bench.
“Hope you know you are the one that spoilt me”
“If I hear” Chima replied “you wey spoil from your mama womb and to think you come get fine yellow face with average height, you think I don’t know how you showed the girls fire during university days especially that girl Agatha”
Chris laughed at loud
“Yes na, that girl with big buttocks and boobs,girl that I was eyeing since” Chima continued “but come o Chris, how you dey do all these girls abi na jazz because I non understand you o,gist me na”
“Abeg go joor, are you not the one that spoilt me?” Chris asked
“Is true but you surpassed me now, you be the master for the game”
“Let’s go abeg”Chris laughed as he and his friend walked on while gisting.*****
Chris and Chima had met during their first day in class at the university.
They were both studying the same course, business Administration.
Chima thinking that Chris was an old student,had asked for notes to copy,but after realizing that they both were new students,they made friends and went ahead to find someone to ask for notes.
As the day passes,they became tight friends and were seen everywhere together.
Chima was a guy that is very unserious with education and a chronic womaniser that loved to taste everything in skirts.
He negatively influenced Chris with his behavior and they began rolling together.
Chris was not that perfect because he had his girlfriend before entering the university but after the encounter with Chima,he forgot totally about his girl and followed Chima to sex any girl available.
Being that handsome,fair and average height guy with pink lip, girls fell for his trap and soon,he began worser than Chima.
They both lost concentration on studies as most of their days were spend flexing in parties and other social gatherings.
Both managed to bribe their way through examinations as money was never an issues for them.
Chris come from a wealthy family and his parents supported him financially.
After graduation,both of them were so lucky to be sent to the same area to serve.
Just like the monkey that doesn’t go anywhere leaving its tail behind.
Chris and Chima is ready to catch their next preys.


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