They both agreed and transferred the recording unto Abigail's phone.
Immediately after that, Mina had a call.
Hey Chris, what's up with you? Why did you keep this long in calling me? She seductively asked.
Sorry sexy, I had an emergency family meeting to attend to. I am fully back for you. Chris answered.
So when are we meeting? You know I badly need you right? Mina softly spoke.
Just pay 1000Ghc into my account and I am all yours this weekend. Chris whispered.
Throughout the weekend? Chris tell me you are deceiving me! She happily screamed.
I mean it baby girl. All weekend long, it is Chris and Mina together alone in her apartment. Chris assured.
Wow, I will send the money to you after work. Expect my call later in the evening. She happily responded and bid goodbye.
Mina who was that? Abigail questioned.
Abigail, it is one juicy sexy romantic dick endowed friend of Joojo whom I met on their campus.
Can you believe this guy only fucks for money? That explains how expensive he is. Mina narrated.
What! A friend of Joojo, the man you claim you love? Abigail screamed.
Tone down girlfriend, what is wrong with it when I open two accounts?
After all, love shouldn't be a hindrance to exploring what life entails. Mina shyly responded.
Listen to your pathetic self Mina. What is so special about Joojo's friend that will make you cheat with him? Abigail questioned.
Take a look at him yourself Abigail and feel what I feel. Mina stated and showed his picture on her phone to Abigail.
In the picture, Chris was half naked with his masculine chest and shiny flat abdomen showing. The hair on his cock was almost showing with oil smeared on his hairy thighs.
Wow, he is indeed sexy! Look at his big eyeballs and handsome looking body. And just take a look at how he has posed on the bed. Abigail complimented.
Now you see? That guy is an irresistible appetizer, without him, there is no meal. Even if it means using all my life savings to fuck him, I will. Mina spoke in smiles.
He is indeed catchy.
Anyway Mina, how are you going to handle Selorm? I hope you are not going to brush him off, because we need our daily meal from his pocket. Abigail inquired.
Abigail, listen well to the menu.
Chris is an appetizer, Joojo is the main meal and Selorm is the dessert. None of them can be done away with.
I need Chris to boost my appetite for the love I have for Joojo, and I need Selorm to pay to maintain this beautiful body for those vibrant guys. Mina playfully explained.
You are such a naughty soul! Abigail playfully insulted.
Now tell me, are you going to fuck Selorm too? Abigail asked.
Oh no! How can I fuck his epileptic dick when I have sound ones in my possession? Besides, Joojo has pleaded with me not to sleep with his brother. Mina responded.
I will only sweet mouth him into believing I love him, whiles I extort money from him. She added.
Mina, I don't know why, but I don't trust Joojo. Something keeps telling me he has an agenda. Abigail stated.
If he has an agenda, I equally have mine. Besides, don't forget we have an evidence to tie him down. Mina responded.
Anyway, get back to work because I equally have a lot on my desk. Abigail gently sacked and Mina quickly walked away.
Wow! I have never seen any man so sexy and tempting like this Chris guy before, not even my husband.
Jeeeez, I wish to have him too. Yes, I must taste what he got. Abigail deeply thought.


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