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Too Late To Claim
Written by Chichi
Episode seventeen
We arrived at the church in time and was led to the two empty seats in the middle by an Usher.
We arrived as the choir ministration was ongoing.
Alot of people were already present and joined their voices to that of the choir singing.
They sang so beautifully with wonderful voices that made some members began to share tears and throw their hands in surrender to God.
Some were standing while others had their knees on the floor with eyes shut tight and arms spread wide opened as they sang along.
For a moment,the presence of God overtook the entire building.
Some members were already speaking in tongues while others were jumping and shouting as if they were possessed with the ushers trying to hold them from falling.
It was quite an amusing scene but I tried not to laugh.
I turned to look at Aunty Abigail and noticed that she was sitting, singing with her eyes closed.
I was too young to understand what is going on as I have never been told about holy spirit before so I turned my focus to the church building, gazing at the magnificent construction of the building inside.
It wasn’t that large but big enough to accommodate one hundred plus members.
The pulpit was well designed and looked beautiful.
The choir had their seat facing the pulpit while the pastor and his wife seats were facing the congregation.
I saw as the pastor knelt down praying.
An image of Jesus on the cross was hung above the altar turned towards the congregation.
The chairs were arranged in an orderly row which aided members to pass freely without disturbance.
After some minutes, everywhere became quiet as the pastor climbed the pulpit to preach.
He held a small bible in his hands along with a microphone which enabled him to be heard loudly.
Upon seeing his bible,I smiled and remembered the torn bible I left in the village.
Mother favorite book that she held even unto death.
Look at me now,holding a big beautiful bible, which Aunty Abigail had given me with all the verses intact.
After a little prayers,a power sermon was delivered titled “trusting in God”, offerings collected, grace shared and service was over.
I was feeling hungry and couldn’t wait to get home but we had to wait behind because Aunty Abigail requested to have a chat with the pastor in his office.
Minutes later,we were sitting in his office.
It was a pretty cool office that smelled nicely with the air conditioner working.
Sitting in front of him,I observed how handsome he looked.
I could see that he was a young man probably between 25- 35 years.
I wonder what he was doing as a pastor when he ought to be working in a company or enterprise.
None of my business though.
I quickly bruised that thought aside as I listened to Aunty Abigail introduced me to him.
He introduced himself as pastor Eric, shook my hand with a smile,asked about my welfare, encouraged me not to give up but continued trusting in God and so on.
He continued talking that at a point,I became angry with him but tried not to show it.
I grinned as the worms in my stomach continued to remind me about not eating since morning.
After what seemed like eternity,we finally left his office after prayers and drove home.
Chima stood with Chris discussing by the side when suddenly Chris eyes met a pretty looking damsel talking to a guy by the other corner.
He forgot what Chima was saying as his eyes were gazed upon that beautiful maiden.
He has never seen her before and never knew that such beauty existed in this camp.
He starred at her from head to toe and his eyes admired what he saw.
She was a beautiful damsel with a chocolate complexion,average height like him, naturally endowed with round buttocks and hips perfectly fit into the trouser she was wearing and a firm b-----s that makes any guy to run mental.
She had a pretty round face with a nice weavon and makeup which added to her already natural beauty.
He smiled to himself imagining how great she will be in bed.
Chima raised his head to look at his friend.
He has been talking for minutes without hearing any response from his friend.
He followed his eyes to the direction Chris was looking and saw what has made his friend to suddenly become deaf and dumb.
He gave Chris a hard knock on his head drawing him back to his senses.
Chris became annoyed
“Why did you do that?”
“Why won’t I you chronic womaniser?” Chima cursed.
“I have been here wasting my time talking not knowing you are busy raping someone daughter with your eyes.Did they swear for you?”
Chris hissed and walked away in anger while his friend followed him.
He didn’t care about Chima,the only thing is how to get that Angel he has seen.


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