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Too Late To Claim
Written by Chichi
Episode eighteen
We arrived home, after changing into normal outfits,I helped Aunty Abigail set the table.
We had rice and chicken sauce prepared the previous evening along with a bottle of cold water and orange juice gotten from the refrigerator.
Thereafter we prayed Grace before meal and we ate lunch in a quiet manner.
I hurriedly rushed the food because of the hunger I have kept since yesterday.
I haven’t learned how to use knife and fork so I simply held my spoon and used my other hand to hold the chicken.
I expected Aunty Abigail to frown or be embarrassed at my poor table manners but she wasn’t.
She told me to enjoy my food whichever way I want and promised to teach me with time.
Aunty Abigail noticed how I ate with haste and asked if I wanted more food, which I refused because I don’t really eat much.
After eating,I cleared the table and washed the dishes while she dried them.
Surprisedly I didn’t have anything to discuss so I kept quiet.
After all the work was done, Aunty Abigail left for her room to have an afternoon nap.
I didn’t feel like watching cartoons so I went outside to have a talk with Johnny our gate man.
Being older than my mother,I referred to him as” Uncle Johnny” despite the fact that he worked as a gate man for my new mommy.
Mother has taught me never to disrespect anybody regardless of their status in life.
I got out and met him sitting by the gate, nodding his head and humming to an old school music played on his radio.
I smiled at the way he was nodding.
I guess he must really be in love with the song.
I coughed as a signal to make my presence noticed and he turned around.
“Ha,small madam good afternoon” he smiled and greeted showing his yellow and brown set of teeth which had been damaged by kola and tobacco.
“Good afternoon Uncle Johnny” I responded”I have told you not to called me small madam, you are old enough to born time ten of me”
“Na true o,but I must still show you respect as my daughter pekin” He said in pidgin as he off his radio.
I gave up changing the topic because I know he will never agreed to call me any other name apart from that.
“I can see you are enjoying yourself with old school”
“Yes o small madam,na this song we dey take find woman during our small days,once you sing am,her head go dey big”
I laughed out loudly as he joined me to laugh too.
This man is really funny.
“Really” I asked “tell me about it please” I begged as I sat down next to him on the long bench.
He smelled of snuff and sweat but I had to bear.
“Leave that one small madam, where is big madam?” He asked
“She is sleeping”
“Eya,na good woman she be, nice woman,too kind,I non know why her husband go pregnant another person when he get fine woman like her with children.”
I became interested and drew closer to him not minding his offensive body odour.
“Is that what happened?” I asked with shock.
“Yes na,he go pregnant madam friend wey dey come visit us before na”
“Oh my God!!” exclaimed in shock.
I didn’t know when I shouted making uncle Johnny to jump in fright.
I laughed and apologized while he sat back understanding why I shouted because it was too hard to believe.
“Na so e happen o,I dey feel pain for that woman shaa, anyways,I know say you dey bored but no worry,her pekin got soon come back from America,na nice girl,both of una go like each other” he told me
“I pray so o, but what about the one that is schooling?” I asked him.
“Which one, hope non be that yeye Chris you dey talk of,see my daughter I take God beg you,non near that guy,I know say u be small Pekin but that guy non correct at all,na real ashawo man he be.
Na becos of him,all the house helps run leave this place.
He non gree let them stay.
They non tell madam but they told me as their papa wey I be.
He non get one girlfriend, anytime him mama go work or travelled na different girls dey come here and madam never catch am before,I non know how he dey take do am.i know say he non go near you but pls non see that one as your friend at all.”
I became confused.
I didn’t understand what he meant because Aunty Abigail was too strict to allow her children become wayward.
I remembered her telling me that she doesn’t need house helps because she is not the lazy type.
What is Uncle Johnny talking about?
And is this right about Chris behavior?
I got up,thanked him for keeping me company and headed to my room.
Uncle Johnny previous words kept ringing in my head.
“Hello o, excuse me, young lady, pretty lady” Chris continuously shouted as he ran behind the pretty chocolate beauty in front of him.
“What do you want?” She stopped and yelled turning to face him.
She had purposely ignored his calling yet he won’t give up.
Chris paused catching his breath.
He had been chasing her for minutes now without her replying, thankfully,she had stopped.
She looked at him and rolled her eyes.
“I am sorry but please I mean no harm, just want to be your friend”
“And what part of I don’t want to be your friend, you don’t seem to understand young man?” She asked
“Hey easy,we are not fighting” he said
“Yes, but we will soon be if you don’t get your ugly face out of my front, you think I will be moved by your innocent handsome looks?
hell no,I know your type” she hissed and walked away.
Chris stood speechless for a moment.
He had expected her to be freed and easy to get.
Seems like,she is a tough one.
Afterward,he smiled.
He has met alot of girls who were so tough back in university, but they all ended on his bed,this girl is no exception, just a matter of time.


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