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Too Late To Claim
Written by Chichi
Episode Twenty
One month later,I was no longer the dirty village girl but have beautifully transformed into a city girl.
My hips,buttock and b-----s have fully developed,my face looking fresh and my skin glowing with beauty just like Aunty Abigail.
Aside the beauty,I have learned almost everything about city life.
I have learned to prepare both local and continental delicious delicacies, how to use the washing machine for clothes,how to use the gas cooker and microwave for foods,how to bake different kinds of cakes,breads, doughnuts and others.
In addition to that,Aunty Abigail enrolled me in a tutorial class to enable me prepare for upcoming school exams.
I knew some places around and have some friends in the neighborhood which I visited sometimes and verse versa.
Aunty Abigail worked from Monday to Friday and came back mostly when i am asleep.
She had her own keys so she opened the door whenever she comes back from work.
Sometimes if there’s an emergency at the office,she leaves as early as 5 am so that she won’t get stucked in the traffic.
During weekend,we spend our time discussing about school or something interesting.
We once went to the beach,which was my first time of seeing a sea roared with so much anger.
I began to shiver and cry which made Aunty Abigail to take me from there and we later settled for a children’s park.
One thing I loved about Aunty Abigail was that she understood me very well.
Once she noticed that I feel uncomfortable somehow,she quickly changed location instead of forcing me to stay.
This made me to be freed with her and I never hid any secrets from her.
I spent most of my days either at my school or home with Uncle Johnny who never ceased to entertain with different kinds of stories.
Whenever I don’t feel like conversing with Uncle Johnny, I picked my books and studied either in the palour or my room.
I have stopped seeing mother in my dreams and I was grateful to God for that because that appearance of her always makes me to panic.
I know she is in good rest and I wish her eternal rest.
Too bad she didn’t get to enjoy the fruit of her labour.
After many years of toiling and suffering from hand to mouth,i have found a true happiness at last and words couldn’t express how grateful I was.
“What exactly is your problem Mr? Why do you keep stalking me always?” She shouted with anger.
What kind of guy is this that has bluntly refused to let her be.
It’s been one month now of constant stalking yet he is still on.
Is she the only girl on this camp?
Why has the nigga refused to let her be?
At first she thought he was a player but seriously a player would have quit by now after all the insults and curses she has rained on him yet it seems as if those insults only energized him to do more stalking and toasting.
She is beginning to fall in love with him.
Everything about him is so cute yet her heart is still hardened.
She won’t give in like that, not after series of heartbreaks from exes.
Chris paused and smiled showing his sparking white set of 32.
The kind of smile that makes every girl hearts to melt.
His smile and smooth sugar coated tongue has been his weapon of destruction since he got into the game.
He is surprised that this girl is yet to fall under the spell.
It is a mystery to him why she is still proving stubborn to him but whatever the case,he must get to have a taste underneath.
She stood looking at him.
He is yet to say something to her after yelling at him.
“Are you deaf dummy?” she yelled again
“Oh i am sorry” He finally said.
“I didn’t ask for your apology” she scoffed “I said why do you keep stalking me?”
“You already know my reason,I just got attracted to you,am not asking you to be my lover,I just need your friendship”
“And what if this friendship leads to something else?”
“Well,I will be happy but for now,I just want to have a beautiful and intelligent lady as my friend”
She blushed a little but tried not to show before he thinks she is falling”
“Well” she sighed “Friends then but no attachment”
Chris let out a huge smile
“Deal my lady,My name is-”
“Chris yes I have heard that over a thousand times” she interrupted
“My name is Veronica,but Vero for short”
“Wow, beautiful name for a pretty angel”
“Please save it,I am not one of those that blush with your flattering and sugar coated tongue, please excuse me” she said walking away.
“Level one accomplished, Chris you are the bad guy” He thought and smiled.


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