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Too Late To Claim
Written by Chichi
Episode Twenty-one
As the weeks passes by.
Chris and Vero got closer exchanged numbers and soon began dating.
Chris sometimes visit her with provisions and other whenever he wanted to.
When the second girl who was interested in Chris got to find out about the affair,she became angry but since fighting was prohibited in the camp, she couldn’t do anything than to let it slide though she bore grudges against Vero and both didn’t communicate with each other till they left.
Soon,Vero fell deeply in love with Chris that they were seen almost together everyday except maybe during busy hours.
Chris in turned,loved her but not as strongly compared to what Vero felt for him yet he continued to roll with her.
He loved her, yes alright,but that wasn’t his main intention of getting closer to her or dating her.
His major reason was to bang her which he finally succeeded in doing.
After months of being together,Vero thinking that she has found the man of her dreams,finally allowed him access into new Jerusalem.
What a lucky and happy day it was for Chris as if he has won a trophy.
He bragged to Chima about his adventure and they laughed it off.
Chris and Vero had made love uncountable times at weird places and she really knew how to make a guy cry for more which was the major reasons he got stucked to her.
To admit,he had beeped alot of kitties in the camp but non were compared to that tight,sweet and soft hole Vero has between her legs.
He decided to keep her for long even after the camp as to have the opportunity to beep whenever he wanted to.
Money was never the issue as his mother and father embarrassed him with money every week and most of them were spend on flexing and the rest on Vero.
Months later,his friend Chima has decided to quit the game of lust leaving Chris alone in it.
His reason was because he has now genuinely fell in love with one of the female corper and has the desire to wife her and set his life in order once youth service is completed.
He advised Chris to do the same and forget about those promiscuous lifestyle as they have nothing to offer except deceit.
He told Chris about the dangers involve and begged him to stick to Vero and put his life in order, sadly his words fell on deaf ears.
Chris mocked him tirelessly yet Chima didn’t mind him.
There is nothing like love in Chris dictionary.
“f--k,pay and part ” that was his slogan.
“Girls are bitches and are to treated as such, what’s the essence of staying with one girl when there are numerous P---y to f--k, simply bang the hell out of her, pay if you want to and dump her, you can still keep her on the side for rainy days” He would say to his friends as they chatted and enjoyed themselves over bottles of drinks.
Finally after a year or months of serving our motherland or fatherland, whichever way you put it,it was time to kiss the camp goodbye.
One could hear the sound of jubilation as well as cries of missing loves one too everywhere.
Corpers could be seeing hugging and kissing each other goodbye.
Lovebirds used that time to propose to each other and confessed undying love.
Others posing with various styles as they took pictures with friends and uploading on social media.
Strangers that have became good and even best friends exchanged contacts or home addresses promising to pay a visit oneday.
It was really an awesome sight to behold.
Love and unity is indeed the best.
Chris packed his luggages as he rolled them out along with Chima.
Both of their girlfriends were outside waiting for them with their luggages too wearing happy faces.
Chima lifted his girl up in the air as she shouted with joy.
They kissed and hugged.
Chris however hugged Vero.
They were all so happy.
“Finally it has ended after all your complains” Chima said to him
“Am telling you oo guy, can’t wait to get home to my wife,I miss her so much and her delicious meals” Chris shouted in excitement
“Are you married?” Vero asked in shock
Chris and Chima laughed
“Don’t mind the idiot,na him mama be his wife, you know na mommy toy” Chima replied
Vero felt relaxed as she hugged him
“I will miss you baby” she said
“Missing you more, promise to always come visiting”Chris replied
“I Promise bb and you promise to never cheat on me” Vero said
“I promise” Chris replied kissing her
Chima coughed
“Guy please let’s go,my parents are eagerly waiting to see me” Chima said
“Let’s take a selfie” Vero said bringing out her iPhone and selfie Stick as they position behind the camera.
“Every body says cheese” She shouted in joy.
“I don’t like cheese,so Rice and stew” Chima responded
They all laughed as they took pictures to celebrate the everlasting memories of NYSC.


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