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Too Late To Claim
Written by Chichi
Episode Twenty-two
As he sat at the back seat of the cab finally going home,he couldn’t helped but smiled as he remembered his just concluded journey.
It has been both awesome and stressful at the camp.
Though humans will never stopped learning till death,he was glad that the educational aspect of his life is finally over.
Kindergarten to primary to junior to secondary to teitary and now NYSC.
Meh, though he is not a good Christian or good at praying but he still extend his profound gratitude to the maker.
It has to be God.
He smiled wider as he remembered his sweet, charming and ever looking sexy mother.
He didn’t call to inform her that he is on his way home. His surprise arrival will be a bomb.
He missed her so much and couldn’t wait to finally get to see her face again.
She is the strongest woman ever.
Despite the emotional challenges,she still managed to keep her head above the water.
His facial expression changed to that of pains as he recalled how his daddy impregnated Miss Lucy,his mother best friend.
Someone they took as a part of their family, unknowingly was having an affair with his daddy.
He also recalled his first love Diana who cheated on him with a guy simply because she asked for money and he told her to bear patience.
Since he experienced this two acts,he automatically threw love out the door and concluded that sex and money rules the world.
He was brought back to reality at the sound of his ringing tone.
He looked and saw that it was Vero.
He cancelled the call and sent a text promising to call back later.
She better not waste her time with him.
He has no future with her.
As far as he is concerned,her chapter is closed.
He was done with her so she had better clear any thoughts of ever building something between them.
As far as he is concerned,she is an already used product but maybe he will just continue to enjoy her till he finds another chick to replace,by then she would have gotten the signal and leave willingly.
“Chris you are the main guy” He bragged to himself.
“Please right or left” the driver asked him
“Right please” he replied.
Thanks goodness he still remembered the location of his house.
“Please pack in front of that big black iron gate” He commanded the driver.
“Ok” the driver replied as he slowly drove on and finally making a stop in front of the gate which has house number 10 boldly written in black at the gate.
Chris smiled as he got out of the cab.
The driver came out too and removed Chris’ Luggages from the booth.
Chris handled him his money.
He thanked,got into his car and drove away leaving smiling Chris at the gate.
“Welcome back home Christopher”
There wasn’t any class today so I was home in the sitting room watching children’s reality show on the television where kids demonstrated their Talents.
It was an interesting show and I was so into it when I heard a bang at the gate.
Aunty Abigail has never knocked at the gate before except to horn with her car.
The heavy banging continued so I had to peeped through the window.
I didn’t see Uncle Johnny at the gate.
Where could he have gone to?
I became afraid as the banging increased.
Should I go and open it?
After much thinking,I rushed outside to open because the person continued hitting the gate harder.
As I opened the gate,I met a huge,cute,fair guy standing starring at me.
I looked down at his feet and saw that he was holding some luggages.
“Good afternoon sir” I greeted
He didn’t reply but only stood starring as if he has seen a ghost.
He stood starring at her wondering if he was in the wrong house.
He doesn’t remember seeing his mother bring another girl before he left.
It’s been about six months that the last maid left and his mother has vowed never to employ any again.
He would have thought that they have vacated the premises but his mom would have informed him.
He went out to verify the number whether he was in the right place and it was the correct number.
He came back asking
” who are you young girl?”
“My name is Jessy,I stayed here with Aunty Abigail” I replied
Chris sighed in relief.
There are some explanations to do but that will wait, he needed to rest.
“I am Abigail Son Chris”. He introduced himself.
I paused and stood starring at him.
“So finally I have gotten to me the Mr. Chris.
I just hope it turns out to be a good one” I thought to myself
She smiled as she arranged her desk preparing to go home.
Why she was so happy today she couldn’t tell.
Perhaps because of that little intelligent beauty in her house.
She doesn’t know what she loved that girl so much.
Maybe because of her story but that girl is an amazing person.
Always making herself busy with one chore or the other.
Since she has learned how to cook,she has never gone home without meeting dinner ready and they all tasted delicious.
Her clothes were always cleaned and well Ironed.
The house so clean and flowers well trimmed.
She is such a hard-working girl.
She just prayed things run smoothly between them.
She made a call to the secretary to cancell all appointments as she took her bag and came out locking the door.
She got into her car, ignited the engine and zoomed off.
Such a stressful day.


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