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Too Late To Claim
Written by Chichi
Episode Twenty-three
“Oh sir, you are welcome,how was your journey?” I asked him with a smile
It took him some minutes before he replied after gazing at me from head to toe.
“Fine” he replied as he stepped into the compound leaving his luggages outside.
I went out to bring them in but I couldn’t carried them as they were too heavy.
“Where is that old man?” he asked turning to look at me as he saw me struggling with the bags.
“Don’t tear my bags ok,they are very expensive”
I was a little bit shocked but I composed myself.
I was about saying something when I saw uncle John emerged from behind the house running towards us holding his trouser which was about falling.
“Ha,Oga Chris” he shouted in excitement
“You just dey come” he asked Chris
“No,I still dey camp” Chris replied rudely “so this is what you do ehh, leaving the gate and go sit behind the house?”
“No sir, na Belle dey run me oo,I am sorry” John apologized
“Johnny hope you know me very well, Thank God I am back,is me and you” Chris told him
“Hope you remembered how me and you used to do?”
“Where is my mom?” He asked turning to me.
“Not yet back from work” I responded quickly
“Oga na your load be this” John asked
“No na my head” Chris replied sarcastically
“Sorry,make I bring am inside?”
“No dash them to the neighbors fool” Chris replied heading towards the door to open it
I chuckled a little at the reply, though I wasn’t comfortable with his manners of approach towards someone old enough to be his father,his respond to the questions were somehow funny.
I helped uncle John to carry the luggages inside the house.
By them, Chris has already opened the door and was inside.
When we got in, Chris was already sitted drinking a bottle of water.
He removed a key from his pocket and threw it at Uncle Johnny who grabbed it immediately.
Uncle Johnny and I carried the bags upstairs, opened his door with the key thrown earlier and put the bags in.
That was my first time of entering into his room.
It smelled badly and was totally disarranged.
Everywhere was covered with dust and spiderweb looking very dirty that I felt like throwing up.
We later came downstairs, Chris has removed his shirt and shoes and was wearing a singlet and his trouser.
Uncle Johnny went out after hailing him for some minutes.
I stood starring at him wondering what kind of person he must be.
“Don’t just stand there,go set the table,I am hungry” he commanded
“Yes sir” I replied and hurried to the kitchen.
As I microwave food,I began to wonder if really this guy was Aunty Abigail’s son.
He is so rude and full of himself.
Commanding me as if I am working for him.
Imagine the way he spoke to Uncle Johnny.
I just hope I be able to cope with him in this house.
I set the table minutes later and called him to eat.
He walked to the table and looked at the food
“What is this?” he asked me
“Rice and fish stew sir”
“What kind of nonsense is this?,is this why mom employed you in this house? To cook rubbish and poison” he screamed in Anger
“Sir,I am sorry but it was Aunty_” I tried talking but he yelled at me
“Shut the f--k up, you don’t talk when I am talking ok, I am your boss”
“I am sorry sir” I apologized quietly with my head bowed looking at the floor
He looked at me, hissed and walked away.
I looked up and saw him climbing the stairs.
I fell a liquid dropped out of my eyes and I didn’t bother to wipe them.
Seconds later,I heard me screamed my name from upstairs.
I quickly rushed to meet him.
I met him at the door of his room
“You called me sir”
“I don’t know how you and my mom do in this house but I want to let you know that I am a different being and I won’t tolerate any form of laziness from you in this house”
“Yes sir”
“See my room” he said pointing to his room
“I am going downstairs,by the time I come back,it should be sparking white and clean like my teeth”
I kept quiet
“Are you deaf?” he asked
“I heard you sir” I responded
“Better” he said walking away
I raised my head and looked at him.
For the first time,I broke my promise and cried louder calling for my mother.
I knew I was in for a tough battle


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