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Too Late To Claim
Written by Chichi
Episode Twenty-four
She has been horning at the gate for close to five minutes now yet no sign of it been opened or the gateman in sight.
She became very furious.
Where the hell has he gone to?
Is this exactly why she employed him to make her stand outside her own house and horned like a crazy person?
She will surely deal with him.
She was about stepping out of the car when the gate flew opened showing John who was using one hand to hold the gate and the other to support his knicker that was about falling.
She hissed and drove in with speed not minding whether he got hit or not.
She rushed out of the car and walked up to him in anger.
Within seconds,her hand has flown straight across his face giving him a resounding slap which echoed in his ear drum.
“You old fool!” She cursed in annoyance.
“Madam,sorry na purge” he apologized with uncontrollable tears rolling down his cheek.
The slap was really a painful one but he tried not to hold his face.
“Nonsense” she roared with Anger
“Is this why I employed you? Do you know how many minutes you got me standing outside like a fool? Am I supposed to horn before entering my own house?”
“Madam,I am sorry,I dey purge since morning” John apologized again.
She calmed her temper and stood looking at him as he cried.
For a moment, she felt remorseful and regretted ever hitting him.
For crying out loud, the man is old enough to be her father despite the fact that he is working under her.
Fate hasn’t been good on his side so she had no right slapping him whatsoever.
She thought on apologizing but kicked against the idea.
She can’t belittle herself in front of an ordinary gateman.
He works for her so he is under her submission and she has every right to do whatever she pleases after all she is not maltreating him.
“Let this never repeat itself again,I don’t want to ever horn twice at my gate, that is why I pay you every month,to sit,open and closes this gate.If you have any issue with your stomach,make sure you sort it out before I get home,is that understood?” She asked in a commanding tone
“Yes ma” he replied coldly
She looked at him for the last time before turning her head heading to the front door
“Madam” Johnny called but she interrupted him
“I will pay you next week” She interrupted as she opened the door and disappeared.
He shook his head.
He was about telling her about Chris’ arrival but she had interrupted him.
He sighed using his hands to rub where she had slapped him.
It was very hot and painful.
This was one thing he disliked about his madam,she was a temperamental person who lacks self control.
She reacts at every thing and let her anger controls her.
Later,she would regret her actions but by then,the damages has already been done and that was the same attitude her son Chris got.
Chris talked to him anyhow without any respect for his grey hairs and age.
Imagine how she had slapped him.
If not for condition that made crayfish bend,he is able to give birth to five of her mates and even Chris could have been his grandson.
“I don’t think I will continue to work here again”he said aloud for the first time in standard English.
Chris sat on the sofa,his two legs stretched on the table as he was focused on the Television facing him.
He had just finished eating the same meal,he referred to as poison and it was very delicious.
He wondered who would have prepared such delicious meal.
He turned his head to the door at the sound of its opening.
His face covered with smile when he saw the person that walked in.
He stood up looking at her
Aunty Abigail turned to meet the figure looking at her
“I am dreaming” she shouted
With that she jumped on him almost making him to fall if not that he supported himself against the chair.
“Oh Chris my darling boy”she cried “I missed you so much”
“I missed you too my ever gorgeous momma” Chris praised
She disengaged herself from him
“Wow” she exclaimed “look at you, finally my son is now a full grown man, Congratulations dear”
Chris smiled “thanks mommy, thanks”
I had just finished sweeping his room when I heard the sound of Aunty Abigail’s car outside.
I wanted to go open it because it seemed like Uncle John was having another purge but I changed my mind.
I don’t want another dose of Chris’ problem on his first arrival.
I didn’t hear the sound again so I knew that the gate was already opened.
Later I heard some shouts inside the palour.
I knew she had already met her son so I rushed downstairs to greet her and I saw her hugging her son.
I stood by the corner watching as they embraced in a joyful mood.
I remembered mother and began to share tears.
After some minutes they disengaged from each other arms.
“Welcome ma” I greeted Aunty Abigail
“Ehh heh” she responded still feeling excited
“Hey you, have you finished cleaning my room?” Chris shouted at me
I looked at Aunty Abigail while she looked at Chris
Vero arrived home and rested after much pleasantries from friends and family.
She wasn’t interested in all of that.
Chris wasn’t picking her calls and that bothered her alot.
He had send a message to call back within some minutes which he was yet to do.
She was dead worry about him.
She hadn’t expected herself to fall so deeply in love with him but she did.
She had willingly given her heart,body and soul to him and she has decided to spend the rest of her life with him but was CHRIS thinking the same way?


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