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Too Late To Claim
Written by Chichi
Episode Twenty-five
“Are you deaf?” He shouted again
“I am through sir” I replied
“What room son?” Aunty Abigail asked him
“I told her to clean my room, imagine it was so dirty when you have a maid in this house” Chris replied
“She is not a maid Chris anyway never mind” Aunty Abigail said
“Jessy meet my son Chris,the one that was doing his NYSC” she said to me.
I was about greeting him again when he spoke.
“If she is not a maid mother,then what is she doing here? don’t tell me you have opened a charity organization because I am the last born and I know all my relatives except maybe your ex husband children” he said
“Shut up Chris,we will discuss it later”
“Jessy, have you set the table?” She asked me
“I have already eaten”Chris replied
I became confused, was this not the same person who was shouting that I gave him poison to eat.
“Don’t just stand there fool,make yourself useful” he yelled at me.
I quickly run upstairs in shock and confusion.
“Chris, you need to mind how you talk to her,you are just meeting this girl and you don’t want her to be afraid of you”
“Who cares mother besides you have alot to explain to me but that will be after I have taken a nap” he told her walking away to the kitchen.
Aunty Abigail sighed as she climbed upstairs.
She was about going to her room but changed her mind and headed for Jessica’s room.
I laid on my bed as the tears continued pouring out.
I had never anticipated that my staying in this house will be a total Fustration for me.
I have grown to lov and cherish Aunty Abigail as well became comfortable with the environment.
How can someone treat me like this on his first day of arrival?
Why is he behaving as if he knew me before?
What exactly did I do to deserve this?
Was this another way of God testing me?
I cried uncontrollable.
I heard a knock at the door but never bothered to check who was knocking.
Seconds later,the door opened and I could tell it was Aunty Abigail as her fragrance scent covered the entire room.
This was one thing I enjoyed most being around her.
She smelled so nice and sweet.
She walked slowly to me and sat on the bed drawing my head up and placed it on her laps.
“Jessy,I am sorry for what happened earlier,I know it hurt but I want you to overlook it. Chris is such a nice person and you will get to like and be comfortable around him soon.
Just forget how he reacted to you.i guess it’s because of how stressful NYSC is. Don’t worry, you will get along just fine and you will like him as an elder brother.ok please don’t cry” She consoled me with her smooth and tender voice.
I nodded and wept my tears not because I believed exactly what she has said but because of how she said those words to me.
I slowly begun to understand exactly what uncle John has told me earlier. If indeed it was true then I know I am in for a tough fight.
Within me,I knew that Chris is another challenge that I need strength to overcome.
“Guy I have reached home ” Chris said to Chima over the phone
“So where you keep your home abi you non dey see your girlfriend call?” Chima asked
“Abeg don’t mind that girl” Chris replied
“Why wetin happen,she just dey disturb me say you never call am to tell am say you don reach”
“As my wetin na,she be my mama abi my wife,abeg make she park enter dustbin”
“Guy,non do like that, you know that Vero loved you very much and she is a good girl,I advice that you settle down with her and change your ways”
“Oshey pastor Chima infact daddy G.O” Chris mocked
“See who is advising somebody,you are advising me as your boy abi wetin”
“Is the truth Chris, you better listen to me”
“Taaa shut up there,see let me be frank with you, I am still very young for any kind of settling down right now,I haven’t even gotten a job besides if I want to marry,is certainly not Vero, that harlot that I f----d everywhere in the camp,no na”
“Chris forget about job, your parents are well connected to get you any kind of job you want and as for what you are saying about Vero, you know that is not true,is not because she willingly opened her legs for you,she is a decent girl”
“Guy I non understand you o,Are you Vero elder brother abi she send you to me?”
“Chris think about it please” Chima begged
“Ok i hear,I go call her later”Chris replied
“How is your mom?” Chima inquired
“She is fine but guy guess what” Chris said
“What again,abi you don catch another mugu”
“Not that joor,I got home only to meet a young girl.I thought she is a maid only for my Mom to say she is not a maid”
“Then who is she na?”Chima asked
“She promised to tell me later”
“Is she a big girl?”
“No,na one small rat like that o but she package for front and back shaa”
“Chris, I take GOD beg you,non reach her side o”
“You know I non like small children na,I am not a rapist”
“I just dey beg you o” Chima responded
“Ok daddy,talk to you later”Chris replied pressing the end button on his phone.
Aunty Abigail sat in her room looking into space.
What exactly is wrong with Chris?
Why did he detest every girl she brought into this house?
She had seen him insulted all the maids she brought into the house on many occasions.
They all had left with no specific reasons but she knew that something wasn’t right and she must find out.


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