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Too Late To Claim
Written by Chichi
Episode Twenty-six
“You got me worry Chris” Vero spoked over the phone
“I am sorry honey,you know is not an easy thing seeing your son after one year,my mom couldn’t let go of me” Chris apologized
“Even at that,you ought to have notify me of your arrival at home,I thought something happened to you” Vero responded
“I am sorry,so what’s up? how are your parents? I know they were so excited seeing their princess” Chris asked
Vero blushed “of course they were ,you can imagine the welcome party and pleasantries I received,I even have to slid away from them”
“I know right, anyway mine was pretty cool and simple,no party though because I am not really interested in that kind of a thing but it feels so wonderful to finally be home a complete and qualified graduate after years of toiling and cracking of brains”
“Yeah babe and you know what makes me happy most,is that I am finally going to settle down with the man of my dreams which is you” Vero exclaimed
Chris paused and scoffed not loud enough for her to heard.
“Man of her dreams my foot”
She better wake up from her day dream.
“Are you there boo?” Vero asked as she didn’t hear any reply from him.
“Of course baby,I am excited as well but I think we should settle and get a job first,you know we just arrived today baby and we have a long way to go” Chris said
“I know honey but the early the better or don’t you love me Chris?”
“Of course I do baby,I love you so much and I want to make you the mother of my children,my special Vero” He gave a fake Compliment
Vero blushed again.
Her head began to swell and she smiled as she heard those words from Chris.
“I love you more bby” she responded
Just then Aunty Abigail walked into the room and stood standing gazing at him
“I will call you back later ok”He said ending the call as he stared at his mom.
“Mom, I am sure you know that you just invaded my privacy”He said to her
“Sorry dear,I totally forgot to knock”she apologizing sitting besides him on the bed.
“Now what is it this time?” He asked
“Chris,there is something I want to ask you” She replied
Immediately Aunty Abigail left,I pretended lying down.
Later when I noticed that she had gone,I got up and went downstairs to meet Uncle Johnny.
He was sitting looking moody.
I needed no soothsayer to tell me that he wasn’t alright.
He didn’t even notice me as he was deeply in thoughts.
I stared at him for a while,shook my head and walked back to the house.
As I was about going to my room I heard AUNTY Abigail voice coming out of Chris’ room.
I paused, went closer and placed my ear on the door.
“And what is it that couldn’t wait till later,For Christ’s sake,I arrived minutes ago and I need to rest mom.”
“I know Dear but I am just curious to know please” she begged
“Ok fine,I am listening”
“What exactly transpired between you and the two maids I brought here?” She bluntly asked.
Chris became shocked.
Why was his mother asking?
Was his secret finally out?
“I don’t understand you mom” he said with his voice almost shaking with fear.
“Chris,I noticed that you were always having one confusion or the other with almost both of them.For the first week, you all were doing fine but I just don’t understand what later transpired that made them to leave without any reasons whatsoever”
“So are you insinuating that I am responsible for their departure or what?” Chris shouted in anger
“Calm down Chris,I am not insinuating anything,I am just being concerned or curious”
“Well since it just came to your notice,All those maids you brought here were complete Harlots, prostitutes”He shouted
Aunty Abigail became shocked and confused
“What do you mean by that son?” She asked in confusion
“Mom, you are an educated person,I am sure you know the definition of harlot,your maids tried to force themselves on me,they wanted me to have sex with them”
“What!” Aunty Abigail exclaimed in bewilderment
“Yes,They made passes at me every day, wearing short expolsives things to tempt me thinking I am your ex husband that falls into every p---y hole he sees and when they didn’t succeed,they became ashamed of their deeds and since they couldn’t stand my presence,they had to leave”
“You mean both of them” Aunty Abigail asked
“What language should I spilled it in mom? how am I even sure that they didn’t f--k the hell out of your darling former husband?”
“I don’t want to believe this Chris” Aunty Abigail held her head in shocked.
“Of course,why will you believe when all you think about is yourself and your God forsaken Husband who is now your ex.you never care about me mother,did you even care to know Why I decided to stay on campus? No,you saw it as an advantage to have your husband anywhere you want.”
“Stop it!” Aunty Abigail shouted “just stop it Chris.”
“How the hell was I supposed to know when you didn’t tell me? I never knew that anything of such happened under my nose?”
“That is why you are a mother,you ought to be sensitive towards your children,but what you care about was your job and husband”
“Oh Chris,I am so sorry”Aunty Abigail cried
“I have been a bad mother, forgive me please”
Chris stood up and faced her.
“I am sorry Chris,I will never doubt you ever again,I am going to listen to whatsoever you says,i am so sorry”
Chris moved closer to her and hugged her
“Is ok mom,I love you no matter what”
“I love you too son”
Chris smiled within himself
Mission accomplished.
Call it eavesdropping or whatever,I don’t care.
I have just left the door of Chris’ room.
I have stood for minutes listening to their conversation.
I really don’t do this but I found myself listening maybe I could get some truth out of it and maybe I did but I just became more confused.
Who exactly is saying the truth?
Uncle Johnny has told her that Chris tried harassing the maids sexually so they had to fleed and here Chris was telling his mother that they tried forcing themselves on him.
This was just too much for a first day.
Filled with confusion
I opened the door of my room, entered and closed it tight, falling on my bed.


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