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Too Late To Claim
Written by Chichi
Episode Twenty-Seven
I tried not to focus much on that issues as I shoved it behind me.
I did everything as much as possible not to get into Chris’ ways.
I avoided him like a plague but make myself available whenever he calls.
I do whatever he says no matter how he shouted at me
I really didn’t know what happened but Uncle Johnny resigned.
He told Aunty Abigail that he is not interested in working any longer.
We all tried begging him but he became adamant to all our pleads so we had no option than to let him go.
I can’t say what happened but I believed it was because of Chris attitude towards him nevertheless I will missed him so much especially his words of wisdom and jokes as well.
Sunday came and we all went to church with Chris as the driver.
Meh! My heart almost jumped out of its hole, Chris was definitely a rough rider.
Service was wonderful, infact too wonderful.
Aunty Abigail had a Thanksgiving celebration at church and an after party at home for the success of Chris’ Graduation.
After service, While Aunty Abigail was discussing with some friends,Pastor Eric called me aside telling me about a dream that he had where he saw me shouting for help.
He told me to always pray and read my Bible.
I didn’t understand him and I didn’t care to understand what he meant but in order not to make him feel stupid,I thanked him and ran along.
The home celebration began at 2:,00pm
Everywhere was jammed with people and it was really fun.
I saw Chris at the other corner, chatting with a guy and a girl while pointing at me.
Aunty Abigail was moving to and fro greeting people,while I was going around serving them with food and drinks along with the help of my neighbors.
It was really fun,I danced and enjoyed myself like never before not minding anyone.
Pastor Eric and other church members, friends and families were present even my neighbors.
Being very tired, we all retired to bed feeling very exhausted.
The next morning,I woke up early to prepare breakfast for everyone.
We had a quiet breakfast after which Aunty Abigail hurried off to work.
I need to prepare for class too so I hurriedly packed the dishes and carried them to the kitchen to wash.
I was washing the dishes when a spoon slipped off my hand and fell to the floor.
I bent down to pick it up only to turn and see Chris standing looking at me.
I froze!!
“What are you starting at?” He yelled at me
“Nothing sir” I quickly replied
“Then do your work” He said
I quickly turned to washing the dishes though I wasn’t feeling comfortable.
I looked at him through the corner of my eyes and saw him opening the fridge to collect water, after which he left.
I breathed in relief.
Chris behaviors towards me had left so much fear in me that I am always troubled at the sight of his presence.
I quickly rinsed and dried the dishes and rushed to my room to prepare for school.
After getting ready,I went down to the palour only to meet him on the phone.
I waited for him to be through with my heartbeat rising above normal but noticing my presence,he turned to look at me and removed the phone from his ear.
“Yes, what is it?” He asked
“I am going to school sir” I replied
“Wait let me drop you off” he said putting the phone back to his ear.
I didn’t think I hear him right.
Chris wants to drop me off.
Like we are going to ride the same Car together?
I was deep in thought that I didn’t notice he was through.
“And what are you still standing doing here,my friend go and open the gate”
I ran outside in fear
I wanted to protest against him dropping me off but I lost confidence to say anything.
I opened the gate and waited for him.
Moment laters,he arrived,we got into the car and drove out.
He jerked up from sleep in fright shouting Jesus.
He looked around and saw himself sitting in his office.
He remembered bending his head on the desk to rest and sleep carried him away.
This dream again.
What exactly does it means?
He was no way related to Jessica.
He only met her through his church member Abigail.
Why the continuous dream?
Looks like God was revealing something but what exactly he can’t say.
For the past three days,he is always having a dream, seeing her screaming for help.
He took his bible from the corner and began to pray.
He opened the door and entered into his room falling on his bed.
He had dropped her off moments ago and returned back to the house.
He just couldn’t explain what kind of feeling he was having deep inside.
Something strange about that girl.
A feeling he can’t explain.
He had gone into the kitchen to drink when he met an unimaginable image starring at him,that at a moment, everything became blanked in his sight.
What a gorgeous a-s for a little girl.
She is indeed loaded.
He imagined a nude picture of her in his head and how wonderful she will taste.
What’s wrong Chris?
You have seen better asses than that
You are not moved by little Children, what seem to be the issue with this little girl that you can’t control.
He tried to remove his mind from what he has seeing.
Picking up his phone,he wanted to call Chima but found himself dialling Vero number.
He surely needs to plug his cable somewhere else he might loose it.
Konji is a b-----d!!!


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