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Too Late To Claim
Written by Chichi
Episode Twenty-Eight
I opened the door and walked into the sitting room feeling very tired.
School has been really wonderful not only because of the lessons taught but because I was feeling very happy.
I had a short but interesting conversation with Chris on our way to school.
He apologized over how he has been behaving towards me and told me not to be afraid of him but see him as a brother and feel free to discuss anything with him.
I looked around the sitting room, everywhere was quiet except for the television that was on.
I saw a big black bag on the table.
Was Aunty Abigail back?
I peeped through the window thinking that I didn’t notice her car due to how tired I was but I didn’t see her car outside.
Then who could be the owner of the bag and where is Chris?
I climbed the stairs still wondering who was the anonymous visitor.
I was about unlocking my room door to enter when I heard some strange sound emerging from Chris’ room.
I moved closer wondering what was going on.
The sound grew louder as I drew near.
“Oh yes baby,give it to me, give it to me baby,I love it honey, show no Mercy, f--k me harder bby boy”
I continue to hear the voice and I knew that it was a lady moaning.
Few seconds later,I heard Chris’ voice too asking her
“Do you like it,is it big baby,are you feeling it deep,is it touching your womb,who is your daddy?”
As confused and naive as I was,I couldn’t tell what exactly was going on in there but I knew that Chris was inside with a woman.
Few seconds,I heard some screaming and panting sounds and Chris telling her to get dress that his mother will soon be home.
I quickly ran back downstairs because I didn’t want Chris to know that I heard his conversation or noticed a strange presence.
I sat on the couch and pretend to be watching the television.
Minutes later,I heard Chris and the lady coming downstairs while laughing and chatting.
As they got to the sitting room, I turned and greeted them.
They both replied and Chris walked her out but I could tell that he was looking at me.
He returned after seeing her off and I was still sitting on the couch.
“When did you arrive Jessy?” He asked me
“Just now sir” I replied
“So you didn’t go upstairs?”
“No sir”
“Ok make sure you don’t tell my mom who came here today” He instructed
“Yes sir” I answered
He smiled and sat near me
“How was school?”
“School was fine sir”
“So we are now friends right?”
“You weren’t my enemy sir”
He laughed out loud like I cracked a joke
“You are really a smart little thing,I like that”
“Excuse me sir,I want to go change my clothes” I said getting up and leaving him sitting there.
Months later, Chris and I have become good friends and it really got Aunty Abigail impressed.
We were like one big family.
Did I mention that Chris now got a job and was working?
Oh yes he did and He comes home the same Time with Aunt Abigail but he had his own car.
We got a new gateman but I wasn’t that closed with him because I liked and missed Uncle Johnny.
Chris showered me with lots of gifts whenever he comes back home.
During weekend,we got out on flexing sometimes with Aunt Abigail and sometimes with the lady I met at home the last time.
Chris introduced me to her during one of her visits again and we became good friends and I got to know that her name was Aunty Vero.
She loved me like a kid sister and got me alot of goodies though Aunty Abigail was unawared of her presence and relationship with Chris.
Everything was moving really good and we all were like one big family infact we were one big family.
I also got to meet another guy called Chima, Chris’ best friend so I learned.
I remembered seeing him at the party held in Chris’ honour after his NYSC.
I so much loved and Cherished my family that I wouldn’t trade them for anything but I would never forget my mother whose soul will continued to rest in peace.
She had long ago stopped appearing to me in my dreams but I wished she was alive to witness the kid of joy I felt today.
I have been able to overcome the greatest challenges and I gave it all to God.
We attended service every Sunday and pastor Eric never ceased to advice me to continue praying.
At a point,I became bored with him that immediately after service,I dashed off before he could see me.
Oneday Aunty Abigail informed us that she would be traveling to another village to work on a certain project.
I guess she was going to do the same work that had connected me to her when she visited my village.
She gave me some money for upkeep and told me to make sure that I keep the house in order especially now that Chris has started working.
I bid her farewell and she left early the next morning.
If it were before,I would have been very much afraid of being alone with Chris but now Chris and I have become best pals and I now see him as the brother I never had.
If only I knew.


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