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Too Late To Claim
Written by Chichi
Episode Twenty-nine
Everything was going smoothly till one faithful day I was home watching cartoon when I heard the sound of Chris car drove into the compound.
I looked at the time and it was too early for him to be home.
Chris has never been home that early so I wondered what went wrong.
I adjusted on the sofa awaiting his arrival.
He opened the door and walked in looking so moody.
I greeted him but he didn’t respond and went upstairs.
I became dumbfounded because this was unlike Chris.
Everything has been going on well so I didn’t understand why the change of attitude.
I thought on going to his room to ask but I changed my mind and headed to my room..
I must have slept off because I worked up some minutes to seven pm.
I screamed and ran downstairs only to see Chris talking over the phone.
He was explaining to Chima about his sudden severe headache that made him to close earlier than usual today and he also discussed some issues about Vero.
I felt some guilt within me.
I had never taken the time to figure out that something was wrong when he passed without saying a word.
I should have known that he was feeling ill.
Chris has been such a nice person to me so I am supposed to reciprocate the gesture by going to his room to find out what was the problem but I didn’t,rather I went to mine and slept off.
I gasped.
Gosh! Is evening and I am yet to set the table.
I hurriedly ran into the kitchen but I was surprised to see some used dishes in the sink indicating that he has already served himself.
What kind of a person I was?
I walked back to the sitting room and he was still on a call.
I stood waiting for him because I definitely knew that he was going to shout at me and for the first time I deserves it.
After he got through with his call,he turned towards my direction.
“Hey Jessy, you are finally awake” he said flashing me a bright smile.
I couldn’t say a word because I was totally speechless.
Chris has definitely changed or perhaps I misjudged him.
I didn’t expect him to talk like that to me.
I was waiting for a shout of Anger or even a slap but that didn’t happen.
“Are you ok?” He asked moving closer to me.
“I am fine sir” I replied him.
“If is about the way I ignored your greetings when I arrived, I am sorry,I was having a severe headache and I wasn’t thinking straight” He apologized calmly
Wow!! This is such good news.
Chris apologizing to me is unbelievable.
“Is ok sir but I should be the one apologizing,I didn’t paid any attention to you and even slept off without setting the table”
“No is ok,you have been working hard since you came,so I decided to let you rest, besides I have eaten already”
“Ok sir and I am sorry too because Aunty Abigail would definitely not be happy if she heard this”
“Nobody will tell her, anyways since you are awake,let me go to my room to rest, you can watch cartoon if you wish” He said patting me on the shoulder and walking away.
I wanted to put on the television but I felt hungry so I went to the kitchen,served some food,ate and washed the dishes while my mind did a recap of what actually happened few minutes ago.
Seriously,it was unbelievable and I was still shocked at Chris’ attitude and this made me to like him more.
When I got through with the chores,I went to watch some cartoon.
Hours later my eyes lid began to get dim and I knew sleep was calling so i off the television and headed to my room, falling on my bed and travelling to dreamland.
I found myself wondering around a deserted bush screaming for help but none seems to be coming.
I looked ahead and saw mother standing looking at me with tears in her eyes.
I moved to her and asked why she was crying and where was I?
She didn’t say anything but continued crying.
I kept asking her till she finally spoke.
“I warned you Jessy but you failed me”
I asked what she meant by that but she just shook her head and disappeared.
I began to shout her name and i felt something hit me at the back of my head.
I jerked and woke up in fright to someone knocking the door.
Feeling a terrible headache,I moved to open the door only to see Chris standing at the door.
I turned and looked at the clock hanging above the window and the time showed exactly two am in the morning.
“Did I wake you up?” He asked
I saw his question as a very foolish one.
What would I be doing by two am if not sleeping?
“What is the problem sir?” I asked him feeling sleepy
“Can I come in?” He asked again
I unwillingly stepped aside and allowed in then I closed the door.
He sat on the bed while I stood gazing at him to say something but he was just starring at me.
“Sorry, please what can I do for you?” I asked again
“Please sit” He ordered
I moved and sat on the chair opposite the bed waiting for him to talk.
“I am sorry for disturbing you” He spoke “just that I couldn’t sleep,I kept thinking about you”
“Thinking about me?” I asked “please is there any problem?”
“Jessy” He called “I know that I haven’t really been that nice to you since I met you”
“But sir, you have already apologized to me and I have forgotten it”
“I know but I want you to understand why I had behaved that way to you?”
“I don’t understand sir, you don’t know me from anywhere so what are you talking about?”
“Jessy when I met you,I saw an image of my first love, the girl that I had loved wholeheartedly but she broke my heart, you brought back those painful memories and I felt anger,I know you may not understand what I am saying”
“I don’t sir, but I am sorry if I made you feel sad or remember someone you have forgotten but sorry Why are you here?” I asked getting impatient.
It was late and I need to sleep in order to prepare for school early tomorrow.
“Jessy” He moved closer to me and held my hands.
I tried to move them out of his grip but he held them tighter.
“After she left me,I haven’t been able to find true love again, you may know about my relationship with Vero but she cannot fill the vacuum in my heart, but when I met you,I felt that inner peace, that love that was missing, that void that I have been trying to replace for years”
I became confused,I wasn’t understanding what exactly he was saying.
” I don’t understand you sir”
“Jessy,I love you and I want you to be my girlfriend,I know you are still young but I can’t hide it”
“Jesus Christ” I shouted standing in shock.
Did I hear him right?
So uncle John was right after all.
Chris has been pretending and I fell for it.
Finally it has dawned on me.


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