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Too Late To Claim
Written by Chichi
Episode thirty
I stood fixed to the spot for what seems like eternity unable to move or say a word.
I know is not fair to judge a person but I wished I had listened and be careful with Chris.
“Please say something my love” Chris spoke drawing me back to reality.
I looked at him and all the likeness I had developed for him within time disappeared right away.
I think this guy must be high on cheap drugs.
How dare him utter such nonsense to me?
“Sir please get out of my room”I commanded not minding whether he was my superior or boss.
I don’t care because I totally lost every respect for him.
“Jessy, please don’t hurt my feelings,I can’t hide it. I love you,I know it may sound stupid but I do”
“Sir,can you actually listen to yourself?” I asked in Amazement.
“You are in love with a small girl as I am, What will Aunty Abigail say? What will I think of you besides you have Aunty Vero as your girlfriend already”
I didn’t understand what love was actually was,but I understood that it involves two person becoming close together.
I have also been taught about some sexual harassment in school.
Our teacher had warned us never to allow any Male play or stay close to our private parts.
Mother has also warned me never to get close to any Male because they are dangerous.
So with that little understanding,I believe that what Chris is talking about is exactly what I have been warned against.
“Jessy,I can’t denied that Vero and I don’t have anything together because you know that she is my girlfriend but I don’t love her,I love you.
What I feel for you is real compared to what I have for Vero.
I love you Jessy and I don’t care what my mother thinks of.I just want you to say yes please.”, He begged
“I don’t love you sir, please get out of my room”I ordered almost shouting.
“Jessy please don’t hurt me” He pleaded again.
“Sir,I don’t want to shout, please leave”
“Please think about it”He said getting up.
I moved to the door and opened it so he could leave.
He walked closer to me,I could see feel his breathe where I stood.
I became terrified, wishing that he doesn’t do anything stupid to me because I may not have the strength to fight back and we are alone.
He looked at me and walked out.
I sighed in relief shutting the door hard.
I moved to my bed,sat and began to weep.
After that night,I completely ignored or avoided Chris.
Of course,I still served him his meals and do some work he wants me to do but our relationship wasn’t like before.
Infact, that brotherly love that I had for him disappeared and what I felt was complete hatred.
Inorder to avoid seeing or talking to him,i desisted from watching TV in the sitting room as I spent most of my times in my room.
Chris tried his best to talk to me,he even bought me alot of goodies but I rejected them all and didn’t mind him.
As time went on, Chris developed unusual habit.
Chris hasn’t come home late before.
I wondered what was keeping him.
I waited for hours yet he wasn’t back.
I looked at the time and it was 10pm.
Chris has never stayed late by this time.
I became worried as I moved to and fro thinking about what to do.
I was yet to have a phone so I couldn’t put a call through.
Aunty Abigail promised to get me one on my eighteenth birthday.
I couldn’t think of anything to do.
I had no idea where he was so I couldn’t go to meet him.
I sat on the couch awaiting his return,I didn’t know when I fell asleep.
I woke up the next morning still on the couch.
I got up and met Chris having breakfast.
I wanted to ask him about yesterday’s events but changed my mind.
He got up and left the house without saying a word to me unlike before that he will ask or greet.
I didn’t bother too and went to my room.
This new behavior continued every night.
He goes out in the morning and comes back the next morning.
I promised myself not to be worried or show concerned about his attitude but I couldn’t helped it.
I was worry everyday.
Infact I became lonely,I have become so closed to Chris that it hurted me so much keeping malice with him.
I decided to talk to him in the next night or the next morning if he comes back.
I waited till 12 midnight yet he didn’t show up and as usual I fell asleep on the couch.


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