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Too Late To Claim
Written by Chichi
Episode thirty-one
The next Morning came,and I woke up having backache due to sleeping in the couch which has become my room since Chris started behaving funny.
I also felt a terrible headache because of the over thinking I did last night about Chris.
I looked up at the dinning thinking he was having breakfast but he wasn’t there.
Maybe he has gone to work as usual.
My heart hurt with how Chris was behaving towards me.
I got up and climbed the stairs heading for my room.
Today was Friday and I chose not to go to school not because there wasn’t any good school infact I had an exam to write but I missed it because I was hurt.
I won’t be able to concentrate especially since Chris and I began this problem.
I was about entering my room when I heard Chris’ voice coming from his room.
I moved closer contemplating whether I should knock and apologize or not.
As I got closer to his door,I overheard his conversation with Vero.
He was saying all the nicest things to her and I began to feel jealous.
I couldn’t explain why but I felt that he is supposed to be talking to me and not her.
I was even surprised at myself because I never expected myself to get jealous over his conversation with Vero.
I boiled with anger as he blew her a kiss telling her goodbye that he was going to work and he will visit her as usual in the evening after work.
That explains why he comes back home late these days.
So he was spending the entire night at her house leaving me alone in this big not minding whether I was safe or lonely.
I felt pains and anger that I couldn’t understand nor controlled.
Immediately I ran back downstairs waiting for him because I wanted him to see me and perhaps talk to me.
When he came downstairs,I wanted to greet him but my lips became heavier and I was unable to speak.
He looked at me, hissed and walked out leaving me standing like a fool.
I felt my heart ripping into two and some liquid fell off my eyes.
I fell to the floor and cried.
Why I was hurt,I couldn’t say but I knew that I feel something special for me and now it was much more than a brotherly love.
The car drove into the gate drawing my attention away from the Television.
I peeped through the window and saw Chris’ car.
I was very happy at least he was back early today.
I rushed into my room and changed into something beautiful.
I planned on apologizing to him and reconciling with him.
I missed his friendship and it hurted and affected me so much.
I hurried back to the sitting and sat awaiting his presence.
The door opened and Chris entered into the room but he wasn’t alone.
I stretched my neck and VERO appeared too.
My happy face changed to that of a frown as I sighted Vero but I quickly fake a smile to avoid suspicious.
“Hey Jessy” she said hugging me
“How are you”
“I am fine ma” I replied though I was annoyed
“I bought you these” she said handling me a bag of snacks
“Thanks” I managed to murmured
“I am waiting for you V” Chris spoke from the stairs.
She quickly disengaged herself and walked to him as they left.
I hissed after her and threw the bag away not minding where it landed.
I was annoyed.


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