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Too Late To Claim
Written by Chichi
Episode thirty-two
What insolence!
Imagine the audacity!
He brought that girl here to spite me and get me upset because he knew I have developed feelings for him.
Couldn’t they have gone somewhere else rather than coming here when they knew that I will be home.
“But Jessy, why are you getting angry?,they have been coming here for long yet it doesn’t bother you,why are you getting work up now? Why do you feel so much hatred for Vero and why are you jealous seeing her with Chris when you knew that they have been lover for a very long time?” I asked myself.
I just couldn’t understand what was happening to me.Why was I have this stupid feeling for someone that I became angry with when he voiced out his feelings for me.
“Jessy,you need to wake up” I slapped myself hard on the head.
I didn’t come here for this.
God please help me I silently prayed.
I thought on going to my room but I won’t be able to stand hearing Vero and Chris’ voice echoing from his room.
So I just stayed in the palour and watch television but I couldn’t focus.
I found myself climbing the stairs leading up and instead of going to my room,I went to Chris door and stood before it.
I could heard some moaning sounds from there.
“Stupid girl” I cursed with anger
“That’s the only thing she knows how to do,she doesn’t value her pride as a woman”.
I hissed and walked back downstairs after some minutes.
I looked at the TV and talented kids reality show was going on.
My favorite program where kids get to display their various God given talents but I wasn’t interested in watching so I switched the TV off and went out to get some fresh air.
After what seemed like forever,they both came out of the house.
I saw them from the garden so I hid behind the flower so that Vero won’t see me because I know that I might respond rudely to her since I now haboured undescribable hatred towards her.
After much romance which got me boiling and even felt like slapping Vero,they got into the car and drove off leaving me heartbroken.
That night, I made up my mind to apologise to Chris comes whatever.
I was definitely losing my mind and I couldn’t bear it.
I longed to hear his soft calm voice as he calls me Jessy.
I longed to feel his touch around me holding me like a kid sister.
I missed all the goodies he brought me whenever he comes back from work.
I missed us sitting and chatting like family.
I missed us going out together to beautiful sites infact I missed everything about Chris.
It surprised me that I no longer care about Aunt Abigail and her return.
There was only one special person on my mind and that is Chris.
I knew that I was gradually changing into a person that I never was.
I knew that my actions was not a nice thing.
I knew that mother will never be happy with me.
I knew that I was never given this kind of training.
I knew that I was going the wrong way but I didn’t have the strength to turn and changed direction because Chris was all that matters to me.


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