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Too Late To Claim
Written by Chichi
Episode thirty-three
Chris didn’t come back earlier so I had to sit on the sofa awaiting his arrival.
I was determined to stay up till whatever time he comes home because I want to set things right.
I believed that I was having this feeling towards Chris because we both were not in good terms.
This feelings didn’t developed when we were talking to each other.
I have to do something right about this because I was seriously losing my mind and I was heading towards a path that could be deadly to me.
The Time showed 10pm which meant he would be home anytime soonest.
I patiently sat on the chair eagerly waiting for him to show.
I missed this guy so much,why? I couldn’t explained but all I knew that I missed him.
It seemed as if the time has stopped working because it moved so slowly, which I kept gazing at often.
11pm and he wasn’t back.
12am,yet no sign of his car or himself.
Does this means that I won’t get to see him tonight as usual?
Maybe he was enjoying himself with Vero.
Maybe they had gone out to flex or maybe he chose to sleep at her place.
Why would he do such a thing?
Doesn’t he have conscience that I will be alone?
I think he was wrong about loving me because you don’t treat someone you love this way.
Different thoughts ran through my mind and i began to have headache instantly.
I looked at the time and it showed 1:15 am and I was beginning to feel sleepy now.
I laid on the couch and closed my eyes as the image of Chris and his wonderful smile appeared to me.
Even in my sleep,I was smiling making me looked like an idiot.
I didn’t know when I slept off while waiting for him again.
At exactly 3 am,I heard a heavily banging at the door like the house was about falling.
I jerked from sleep in fright and having a severe headache instantly.
Beads of sweat forming at my forehead.
The banging continued more heavily as if the person wants to break the door down.
I feared that armrobberies have attacked us.
And I was alone.
What will I do? I have heard of armrobbing attacked but I guess today was my unfortunate day.I began to cry as I thought on what to do
“Open this door,where is that fool?”
I paused,breathing in relief as I heard Chris’ Voice.
Gosh! I almost had heart attack.
“Fool, open this door,or I will break it down now” Chris screamed.
I moved to the door and turned the knob opened worried about Chris waking the neighbors.
Immediately I opened the door, Chris forcefully pushed me aside making me fall on the floor.
“So you were hearing me yet you refused to allow me into my own house abi” He spoke.
I didn’t replied as I was hurt a little by the force he used to push me.I keep quiet as tears formed in my eyes.
“Am I not talking to you fool?” He yelled as he staggered towards me, making an attempt to hit me but I quickly dodged it which made him to fall on the floor.
I stood up looking at him.
“So you purposely fall me down,I will tell my mom when she comes back,you pushed her darling Chris to the floor,you want to kill me” He continued babbling.
It was obvious that he was drunk from the offensive odour and the way he staggered while speaking.
“Why are you looking at me like puppy,go and wash the house else I won’t pay your salary”
I hissed and made an attempt to walk out on him but I changed my mind.
Looking at him,I felt pitied so I moved closer to help him Stand up.
“No no, don’t help me,you can’t bribe me,I will tell my Mom, infact go and pack your things,you must leave”
I didn’t listen as he continued talking trash,I held his left hand,supported myself against the wall inorder not to fall because I wasn’t able to carry his weight.
Thank God some part of his senses were activated as he also made things easier for me by standing up too.
Like too drunk people supporting each other not to fall,we both staggered climbing the stairs and going to his room while he kept uttering senseless words.
All his weight rested upon my shoulders and I began to have backache but I was least concerned about that.
At last we reached his room door,I pinned him against the wall searching his pocket for the keys which I found.
I opened the door,dragged him inside and gently carried him to the bed.
I laid him on it and was about leaving but he forcefully grabbed me back to himself.


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