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Too Late To Claim
Written by Chichi
Episode thirty-four
The force he grabbed and drew me with to himself was something I didn’t expect and couldn’t break away from.
I fought to free myself but he tighten his grip around my waist.
“You pretty little thing,you have been avoiding me since days now ” He said exposing his teeth as the alcoholic odour emerged from his breathe.
“Please let me go” I pleased with him.
“Shut your trap” He shouted at me and forcefully turned over on the bed and got on top of me.
I began to screamed and cried.
I thought this was someone that was drunk or did he pretend to be?
“Please sir,let me go” I begged in tears but he wasn’t listening.
He pinned me down with one hand and was loosening his trouser zip with the other.
I tried to break free yet I couldn’t as I was unable to comprehend where he got some power from to hold me.
Knowing that he wasn’t going to listen to me,I began to screamed the gateman name, maybe he could heard me.
Chris seeing that I was yelling, gave me a heavy slap on my face that made everywhere blanked for me to see in seconds yet I didn’t give up shouting.
He torn the upper part of my dress exposing my young mammary glands and was massaging them with his hand.
His hands moved to the lower part and he carried my dress up as he positioned himself between my two thighs.
I fought, cried,shouted and pleaded with him yet he paid no attention.
I didn’t know when I blunted out.
“Please sir, don’t do this to me,I am a virgin and I want to keep myself for my husband, please sir don’t”.
I thought that would softened his heart and changed his mind concerning what he is planning on doing but it was like I added fuel to fire.
He paused, looked at me and smiled.
“Jessy,if truly you are a virgin,then you don’t know what you are missing and I will be glad to show you the sweetest part of life”
Oh no!!! I screamed in pains.
“Please sir, don’t do this to me I beg you,I am an orphan,.my parents are dead, please sir don’t.I beg you, please I will leave your house if you want me to.I am sorry for disrespecting and avoiding you for days,I won’t do it again please sir, please”
My pleads fell on deaf ear as he parted my legs and send my pant to one side.
I screamed as I felt something hot and big penetrated me.
It was like a huge stick was forcing its way into my stomach and bringing out my intenstine.
I continued yelling calling my mom and Aunty Abigail as Chris t----t in and out of me showing me no Mercy.
At a time,I couldn’t bear it anymore due to the undescribable pains.
I immediately passed out.
“Jesus Christ”Pastor Eric shouting jumping up from his bed.
Mrs. Eric immediately woke up too hearing her husband shout.
“Honey what is the matter? Are you alright, please talk to me,are you ok?”
She continued to ask in a worried tone.
“So it was a dream” Pastor Eric said aloud to himself.
“What dream dear?” Mrs. Eric asked looking concerned but pastor Eric kept quiet.
“Honey talk to me, you are getting me worried”,
“So it was a dream”pastor Eric said again “but what does that means?”
“That girl again”
“What girl again honey?, Why are you keeping me quiet?, please talk to me”
Pastor Eric quickly took his bible and began to pray while Mrs. Eric watched him not understanding what was going on.
The Alarm sound woke her up.
She sluggishly get up and headed for the bathroom to empty the liquid content she been keeping all through the night.
Walking back to her room, she looked at the time.
It was 5 am in the morning.
She picked her phone and opened her message which reads:
“This is to inform every staff that the governor will be having an important meeting with every member tomorrow so all projects are postponed till further notice.kindly return back to your respective homes to prepare for tomorrow’s meeting”
She hissed and sat on her bed.
Why will they make such an emergency meeting?
Anyways,she still has time to go home.
With that she got up and went back to the bathroom to shower.
She must hurry up because it’s a long journey back home and traffic in the country is something else.
Back in the village.
A woman stood over her grave sharing uncontrollable tears.
This was never what she wished for her only child.
If only she could have prevented it.
If only she had listened to her.
If only.


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