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Too Late To Claim
Written by Chichi
Episode thirty-five
The unimaginable and undescribable pains I felt the next morning when I woke up was nothing to write about and will forever remained an experience I will never forget.
I looked down at myself and was naked or should i say partially because I was still wearing my dress which has torn and my pants shifted to the other side exposing some part of my v----a.
I tried getting up but my legs failed to aid me in standing.
A sharp pain escaped my thighs making me to look down between them and saw heavy thick blood.
Looking under me,the bedsheets was stained with blood.
I looked at my side and Chris was busy snoring like a dragon.
My heart divided into two and I screamed out loud in tears making Chris to jump up and look at me.
“You heartless b-----d!” I screamed to the amazement of myself and Chris.
“What have you done to me?, What did I do to deserve this? You fooled me and used my naiveness to get what you wanted.” I continued saying, crying in tears.
“Please calm down Jessy” he spoke “I didn’t mean to do this,I was drunk”
“You were never drunk, you used that to play me, what did I do to you, what did I do to deserve this, i have always taken and respected you as a big brother.
What is my offense for doing this to me.Chris you are heartless”
“Jessy,I am sorry but believe me I never planned to do this but I love you so much”
“You don’t know anything about love,you only wanted to take my pride and I was so foolish to have fell for it.
Chris you deceived me and I hate you,I hate you so much”
“Jessy don’t say that,I love you and I always do”
He made an attempt to touch me but got the greatest surprise of the century.
I gave him a mighty painful slap on his face with all the strength I summoned within me and I didn’t regret it.
“Don’t you dare touch me,you filthy animal!”I yelled at him.
He held his jaw looking at me, astonished at what I just did.
“Chris,I hate you,For doing this to me I hate you.I have loved Aunty Abigail and you as a family but you have evil plan against me all this while.I now understand your attitudes and tricks you used in getting me.
You knew that being a naive and innocent girl,I was definitely going to fall for it.You tricked me Chris.I should have been careful of you Infact I cursed the day I met you and believe me,I will never forgive and forget you for what you have done to me. You will never know peace. Joy will never see your face. Sorrows shall be your dialy bread and Fustration your meal. Just as you have taken away my pride and made me to share tears, your most valuable treasure shall be taken away and you will cry more than I did.”
I kept cursing him unawared of everything I was saying.
I was just hurt and annoyed and was letting my emotions out.
He didn’t say a word as he kept starring at me.
After I got through talking,he got up from the bed, picked his trouser from the floor and wore it, after which,he walked to the door and opened it while I was looking straight at his face bearing so much hatred for him.
Turning back to me,he said
“Jessy,I didn’t know you were a virgin,I am sorry for taking it away but to be honest with you,I will never regret it”
With that he walked out leaving me alone.
His words pierced through my heart like a sharp knife, going deep into my soul.
Just like a movie,Things began to unfold right before my eyes.
My mother constant appearances in my dreams began to open and give me the real meaning of what she was trying to warn me about.
Uncle Johnny advices to me concerning me to be extremely careful and avoid Chris gradually began to make meaning to me.
Chris strange attitude now began to make sense.
He knew that I was going to fall for it.
He played on my intelligence, what I once felt for him was as a result of his tricks.
Pastor Eric told me to be careful and always pray yet I saw his words as nonsense to my ears.
Mother was right,I have failed her infact I have failed myself.
With a force,I screamed like I was going to bring the roof of the house to the ground.
“Forgive me mother,I should have listened to your warnings.I have indeed failed you”
I raised my voice to the ceiling and wept louder.
Aunty Abigail was driving along the Express road when her phone began to ring.
Looking down,the name pastor Eric displayed on the screen.
She quickly pressed the answer button and connected it to her Bluetooth.
“Good morning sir” she greeted into the phone.
“Bless you sister”pastor Eric replied from the other end
“How is the church and your family?” She asked him.
“Doing great by grace and you?”
“We thank God”
“Please have you returned back home?”
“I am on my way sir, hope no problem?”
“Not at all, just wanted to talk to Jessy, I didn’t see her in church last Sunday”
“She is fine,I spoke with Chris and he gave me a favorable response concerning her,she has never missed any service,I guessed she left after church without you noticing her”
“Yes I think you are right, please extend my greetings to her when you get home and please call me to pray for her”
“Ok no problem,I will even put a call to Chris right away”
“Ok thanks,God bless you, have a nice day”
“You too sir, thanks and bye”
With that she disconnected and quickly put a call to Chris.
I have gotten up from the bed and went to my room dragging my feet across the floor, crying due to the pains I felt.
My door opened and Chris walked in.
What does this beast wants again?
“Haven’t you done enough already? I asked him.
He smiled and replied
“Go have a bath and change your clothes,My mom is on her way and I don’t want her to see you like this, here are pains killer, take them”
He said dropping the drugs on my bed.
I kept staring at him without saying a word.
“Don’t even dare to utter a word to my mom about this else I will kill you myself”he threatened and left.


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