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Too Late To Claim
Written by Chichi
Episode Thirty-six
Upon hearing those words from Chris, Fear came upon me and I stood glued to the floor.
What kind of a beast in human form is this?
Where exactly did this guy kept his conscience?
Threatening me even after forcefully taken my pride as a woman.
Oh God!! What have I gotten myself into?
How foolish was I to fall for such pretense.
I went into the bathroom and washed myself spending hours in there.
I kept thinking of Chris’ hands over my body and I continuously scrubbed myself over to remove his touch.
I was so devastated and I wished I have never got closer to Chris,at least this was never going to help me.
I have no one to blame, not even God or Mother but myself.
Mother promised to always be there for me and she fulfilled it.
She was there always and even warned me to be careful and prevent it from happening,but I didn’t listen, rather I saw her constant appearances in my dreams as nightmares and disturbances.
“Chris,it will never be well with you” I cursed over and over.
After I got out of the bathroom,I got dressed and picked my clothes from the floor,I wanted to take them to the washing machine to wash before Aunty Abigail comes back home but I thought against the idea, rather i tied my stained pant and torn dress in a nylon and kept them in my bag which I vowed never to forget in my life.
The pains between my legs has gone down a little though I was unable to walk very well.
I felt very hungry but instead of going downstairs to get some food,I laid on my bed and cried my heart out.
Just when I thought that all my sorrows were over and that I have finally found the long lost joy that I desired to have,I never knew that I was dinning with the devil in the form of Chris, that unrepentant demon.
Who will I talk to?
Who will I expose his evil deeds to?
Uncle Johnny is no longer working.
I am not that close to pastor Eric,and I don’t want to be used as Church sermon.
Aunty Abigail trusts her son more than anyone else and will never believe me,even if she does and confronts Chris,he may carry out his plan of killing me.
“Forgive me mother,I have failed you,I have failed” I wept and within minutes,I fell asleep.
She drove into the compound turning the engine off, sighed in relief and got out of the car locking the door.
What a long journey and driving is really not an easy thing.
“Welcome Mom” Chris greeted and pecked her on the cheek.
“Thanks darling,how are you doing?” Aunty Abigail asked
“Very well pretty and your journey?”
“Very stressful but good to be home”
“So why the sudden change of plans?” He inquired
“Governor wants to have a meeting tomorrow with every member of the private sector” She replied
“I see, anyway welcome back”
“Thanks” shouting to the gateman
“Come pick my bags from the booth”
She and Chris walked into the house.
“Where is Jessy?”
“Oh she is in her room”
“And why is that?, Didn’t you tell her about my arrival?”
“I forgot to tell you,she has been down with fever since yesterday”
“What,How is she doing now? Why didn’t you tell me to get some drugs on the way?”
“I already bought for her mom,I guessed she is sleeping”
“Oh, that’s so thoughtful of you. Thanks,I am really impressed with the improvement and relationship,glad that you now see her as a sister”
“Of course mom and believe me,she is such a nice, intelligent and hardworking girl”
“Of course she is,let me go to see her” she said as they both climbed the stairs.
They entered the room and met Jessy sleeping.
Aunty Abigail moved near and sat on the bed and placed her hands on Jessy’s forehead.
“But her temperature seems normal” she spoke to Chris
“I think the drugs is working,told you I gave her some drugs”
“Has she gotten something to eat?”
“Yes I prepared Indomie for her”
“Thanks so much Chris, You are so kind”
“Anything for you Mom,Why don’t you go to your room to rest,you know it has been a stressful day,I am here to check on her”
“Ok thanks” She said hugging him “I am proud of you baby”
She opened the door and left.
Seeing that she has left,he tapped me on the arm waking me up.
“I don’t know whether you pretended to be sleeping or not,but my mom is back and I already told her that you have fever,so you better act according to the script else you won’t live to tell the story”He threatened again, hissed and left.
I looked at him and tears found its way out of my eyes.
Three days after, Chris and Chima were in a bar chatting over some issues.
“You were right Chi,she was a virgin” Chris spoke
“Who was a virgin?” Chima asked slipping from his glass of wine.
“Jessica” Chris replied
“Which Jessica” Chima asked again not quite understanding what Chris was talking about.
“Don’t be silly Chima,am talking about our maid or should I say sister?”
“Oh ok, I told you, that girl is too small to have a boyfriend,though children of nowadays don’t fear anything but how did you know? Did you ask her or she told you herself?”
“Which ask? I confirmed it”
“You confirmed it,I never knew that you studied Medicine in school or is there a machine for testing virginity?”
Chris looked at him and he immediately began to understand.
“Oh my God, Chris,let it not be what I am thinking, Don’t tell me you rape her Chris!” Chima shouted drawing some other people attention to himself.
“What is wrong with you?” Chris asked getting annoyed at how people were starring because of Chima shout.
“Chris, don’t tell me you did it” Chima asked again lowering his voice.
“Call it whatever you want ok, I was drunk and it just happened and I so much regretted it infact I hate myself now”
“Oh no! Chris, this is no joke,I am so much disappointed in you,how could you? Chris I once begged you to never go near that girl,why couldn’t you controlled yourself?”
“Guy,the deal has already been done and I feel so nasty about it right now, Chima,you know me very well,I am a flirt but I don’t do that to children because I respect myself. I am 25 years and that girl is just seventeen,I don’t know what came over me,at first I thought what I felt was love but after the deed,I hate her completely.”
Chima shook his head in disappointment without uttering a word.
All those years,he never thought Chris was this kind of person.
“So what are you going to do in fact how is she?” He asked.
“She is there,still hurt, though I warned her never to say a word and we pretend like everything is cool around my mom but I feel guilty. I know I have hurt her and myself and I can’t stand the guilt and shame.”
“So what do you have in mind?”
“I have already started looking for an apartment somewhere in Star time estate”
“I don’t understand,you want to send her there or what”
“No fool,I am moving out of the house,I can’t stay with her anymore”


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