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Too Late To Claim
Written by Chichi
Episode Thirty-nine
“What is the problem sister Abigail?” Pastor Eric asked again.
Chris kept quiet waiting for his mother to speak.
“Jessica!” Aunty Abigail shouted calling me.
I was in my room when I heard her calling so I quickly rushed down but not as fast as I used to do when I was perfectly fine.
“Yes ma”I replied.
I arrived and stood before them,my eyes met that of Chris but I quickly looked at the floor because I hated him so much and couldn’t stand his presence let alone looking at him.
I stood before them wondering why she had summoned both of them and also called me too.
“Pastor Eric” Aunty Abigail began, “I don’t need to tell you the Genesis of where and how I met Jessica here, what transpired and what led to me bringing her to the city to stay with me”
“Of course” Pastor Eric nodded in agreement.
“You have already told me the story and is one thing I am so much proud of you about and continuously prayed for God’s blessings upon your life”
“Amen, and also sir,I don’t need to explain how I genuinely took Jessica as my daughter, treated her as if she came out of my stomach,shown her love and care that even some kids biological parents don’t show them. only those who knows the real story can say the truth but as for the rest,they think that Jessica is my own blood” Aunty Abigail spoke.
I stood confused, thinking about what exactly she is driving at.
“Sister Abigail, Everyone knows the story and is a witness to the love and care you provided for Jessica, that is a fact that cannot be denied” Pastor Eric replied “But Sister Abigail, please what is the main issue? because I am still confused about why you summoned this meeting”
“Pastor Eric, Just like you have said, Everyone and even God is a witness to the good gesture I continously show towards Jessica, helping her to become a better person and do all I can to impact knowledge and good morals into her,then sir, please help me to ask her where exactly have I gone wrong? Where exactly have I failed in trying my best to be a mother to her?”
All attention were drawn towards my direction.
I don’t understand what exactly Aunty Abigail meant.
I have never disrespected her one-day nor exchanged words with her so what is she talking about?
“Sister Abigail,please You have to be cleared in the point you are driving at,I have known Jessica for quite a while now and I can bet that she is a child of moral decency because she has never disrespected me and has never given me any reason to doubt her,so what exactly are you saying?” Pastor Eric asked
“Jessica is pregnant” Aunty Abigail blunted out in simple language.
“What,Jesus Christ!!!” Both Chris and Pastor Eric exclaimed in the widest shock ever.
I froze on the spot and everywhere became blanked.
Did Aunty Abigail just said that?
Pastor Eric stood up in shock.
I looked at Chris and he seemed so uneasy in his seat.
“Sister Abigail,do you mean what you have just said?” Pastor Eric asked refusing to believe what he has just heard.
“Pastor Eric,I myself,I refused to believe it but the result of the test we did yesterday confirmed it, Jessica is pregnant,now tell me where did I go wrong? What did I not do in training this child? Pastor Eric tell me” Aunty Abigail shouted
“Sister Abigail, please calm down,let settle this amicably though is not an easy matter” He said sitting down.
He looked at me and called my attention to himself
“Jessica, you have heard exactly what your mom has said, and to tell you the truth,I am so much disappointed in you,I am extremely disappointed Jessy,I have taken you as a good child,I was so proud of you and I always used you as an example to the young teenagers that are in the church,I am disappointed that you threw away your decency and pride, going ahead to open your legs for those wayward boys, what exactly did you lack in this house? Did you ever needed something and your mom didn’t give it to you? What make you to bring such disgrace and shame to this honourable family?”
As pastor Eric kept talking,I broke out in tears.
“Jessica,” He called “crying is not going to solve this issue, kindly tell us who is responsible for this pregnancy so we can go and meet him”
I wept even the loudest as the event of that night began playing before my eyes.
“You better wipe those crocrodile tears and answer before I kill you myself” Aunty Abigail yelled at me in anger.
My skin almost left me,all my time of knowing and staying with Aunt Abigail,I have never seen her getting angry.
It was more than a shock to me.
“Sister Abigail, please calm down”pastor Eric pleaded
“No pastor,I won’t, what did I not do for this prostitute that she decided to pay me back with disgrace,she better open her mouth before she sees the other side of me” she threatened
“Jessica, please say something,who is responsible?”
I looked at Chris and he was looking deeply into my eyes, guessed he was reminding me of his threat.
“Sir,Is him”I said pointing to Chris.
Blood of Jesus!” pastor Eric shouted again
“Who are you pointing to?” Aunty Abigail asked standing up.
“Is Chris ma,he is responsible” I spoke out without any fear.
“What do you mean?” Chris shouted in pretense standing up.
“How dare you!” Aunty Abigail screamed as she send a resounding slap across my face in anger.
I felt pains and closed my eyes for a while.
Aunty Abigail has just slapped me for the first time because I spoke the Truth.
This was exactly what I was afraid of saying because I know that no one will believe me.
“You little liar,I never knew you are such a wicked soul,so this is how you chose to pay me back by lying against my son?”
“I am not lying ma”I cried “Chris raped me when you travelled and threatened me not to disclosed else he will kill me”
Aunty Abigail and Pastor Eric looked at Chris
“Why are you people starring at me?” He asked “Don’t tell me you believe what this liar is saying? For God’s sake, you know me better mom,why will you believe such a thing? Why should I rape her when I am not a child molester” He defended himself.
“This is so much complicated” Pastor Eric said sitting down
“Jessica are you sure of what you are saying?” He asked me.
“I swear sir, Chris is lying,he raped me,he-” I was trying to explain when Aunty Abigail slapped me again
“Shut up you agent from the pit of hell,I am so shock and disappointed in you.I thought you were a nice and innocent person,I never knew that I was dealing with an agent from hell, you think you can tied my son with your b-----d child,oh I see, because I pleaded with him to take you as a sister”
“I am not lying ma” I replied
“If this is true,then why didn’t you tell me when I came back?” She asked
“Because he threatened me and I know that you will not believe me”
“And I will never, infact it is over, you are leaving my house now”
“No AUNTY Abigail, please it hasn’t gotten to that,we can settle this thing peacefully” pastor Eric pleaded on my behalf.
“No way, pastor Eric,there is nothing to settle,I can’t stay under the same roof with a devil and her b-----d child,she must leave”
“Please sister Abigail”
“Pastor Eric,it is ok,I will leave if she wants me to” I said turning to Aunt Abigail
“Aunty Abigail,I want you to know that I appreciate everything you did for me,you gave me love,care and family that I never had.
You helped me to live a fulfilled life and I will never be ungrateful by destroying your family.
You are one of a kind and may God bless you for everything you did for me and as for you Chris” I said turning to him as the tears kept pouring”I will never say I regret know you because I believe that you were a part of my destiny,if only I had listened when my mom warned me,if only I had been careful and not allowed you to play me, Chris I may be a young little girl but I understand perfectly well what you have done to me and I know a little about what I am going through right now.
I am leaving,I don’t know what the outside world holds for me but I will survive because I have been through it before but as for you CHRIS,I leave you with your conscience.
I don’t have the money and power to report you to authority or get you apprehended for what you did to me but believe me,a day will come when you will be begging,with both hands and legs on the floor, crying and begging me to forgive you and accept you or give you your child but it will be TOO LATE Chris,TOO LATE TO CLAIM”
With that I opened the door and walked out.
I had come with nothing and I will surely leave with nothing except the hope and faith in God.
Pastor Eric tried calling me but I ignored and walked out stepping my feet into the cruel world where I once came from.
I know that it is not an easy journey.
I know that life will never be faired.
I Know that many have not survived it.
But I surely believe that I will survive.
How? I don’t know and can’t say but I will surely survive by God’s grace.
As I walked along the street,people starred at me but I walked along not minding them.
I was a desperate, broken and pregnant girl who was humiliated and raped at age 17.
What a life!


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