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Too Late To Claim
Written by Chichi
Episode fourty (finale)
“My goodness!!” the other man exclaimed, finally speaking for the first time. “How could you do such a thing Chris?”
Aunty Abigail and Chris broke out in tears while Pastor Eric shook his head in regret and pity.
“Yes o sir” I replied “that’s exactly what happened and as for what I went through in the outside world and how God remembered and changed my story by giving me a second chance is a story for another day.My mouth won’t be able to explain exactly what I went through,I know that I once came from there but my second journey isn’t something to write about.I saw unimaginable hell,I slept with hunger on the street and during child delivery,I was centered between life and death.
My life left me but I am most grateful to God and to this wonderful man with a heart of Gold sitting here” I said pointing to my husband. “God’s ways are not like man, just when I thought that the only option left was to commit suicide,God send him to my rescue,even after hearing my story,he didn’t run away but stood and stayed with me till now, whatever I am today and will ever be,I owe it to God and him”
My husband smiled and pull me closer to himself giving me a hug.
“But Aunty Abigail,what happened to Chris? why is he in this condition because he was a handsome,young and energetic man when I left though is been long” I asked.
Aunty Abigail didn’t say a word because it was like her heart and mouth was too heavy to speak as she remembered everything that happened.
“My dear,I really don’t know how it happened but I was told that Chris broke up with his former girlfriend named Vero after using her to his satisfaction and she even aborted five pregnancies for him with the hope that they will married which Chris refused to do so she got angry and send thugs to beat him up, breaking every part of his bone which resulted to this condition. She was later arrested after much investigation but Chris won’t be able to walk again and infact he impotent for life” the elderly man spoke again
I guessed he was Aunty Abigail ex husband due to the slightest resemblance he had with Chris.I am not sure but if it is true then I thank God for them. No condition will ever made me to forget Aunty Abigail, despite what she did,I still loved and respected her till date because she is a one in a million.
I understand that she did what she did due to the trust she had in her son Chris and because Chris has never given her any reason to doubt. Any mother would do the same but my only offense was sending me out into the street pregnant at age 17 who no means of survival when it was cleared that the City is 100% dangerous for matured people not to talk of a young naive child like me.
“Jesus Christ!!” I screamed
How could humans be so cruel? I remembered Aunty Vero very well and I smiled sheepishly as I recalled how I once felt jealous and hated her when I was having those stupid feelings I called love for Chris. She looked so innocent and no one will ever believed that she could be so deadly having the heart to carry such an evil plan but I can’t blamed her not after what Chris did to her.
“I am so sorry” I said to Chris “but I don’t want you to give up, there is a GOD who still answers and heals and he will see you through if you believe”
Chris nodded as the tears poured out of his eyes.
Since they came,he has refused to look at my face due to the shame and guilt he bore within him.
I let out a little smile and whispered a thank you prayer to God.
Who exactly would have predicted that I will be here today? A graduate in law, very rich and happily married to the best man in the world,with a beautiful bundle of joy as a daughter and I am already pregnant with twins.
Indeed God works in mysterious ways.
“So what exactly are you people here for?” My hubby asked them.
Pastor Eric sighed and finally spoke.
“Well, just as GOD has given our sister here Jessica a second chance, he has also decided to give brother Chris another opportunity to mend his ways. If sister Jessica will recalled,I was never in support of what they did to her infact I pleaded with sister Abigail but her mind was made up. After the meeting that day,I drove along the city hoping that I will see her and take her home but I didn’t,so I had no choice than to commit her safety into the hands of the Almighty.Bro. Chris realized and confessed his evil deeds after and we began our search for you since one year now and thank God we finally found you, please sister Jessica,I am begging on their behalf,I want you to find a place in your heart to forgive us because I am also included. What we did was the greatest evil ever to humanity, what if something had happened to you?you could have been killed or even molested, please my child,I want you to forgive us. Our heavenly father said if we do not forgive people,he will not forgive us. Your testimony is a living proof that you are a child destined for greatest and nothing will ever stopped you, please forgive us I begged you”
I fought to control the tears from rolling but they poured out even the more. What a God we serve! My husband pulled me once more into his arms and pet me to stop crying.
Rejoice handed to me a small tissue to wipe my tears.
I took it from her and smiled as I wiped my tears.
She is my everything and I love her so much.
“Pastor Eric,I have heard everything you have said and I am most grateful for everything word you spoke.It is true that I am hurt by what Aunty Abigail and Chris did to me but I am grateful because they helped pushed me to my destiny. Look at me today, a village girl now transformed into the glory of God. I don’t and will never bear any grudges against them. Everything I have become today, Aunty Abigail is the reason,she gave me the lost hope that I never had. She took and treated me like her own and I will forever be grateful.
I have long ago forgiven Chris for what he did. My heart is clear and I bear him nothing. It is only the weak that can’t forgive and I am a strong Woman so I have forgiven everything ”
“Thank you my child,thank you so much”Pastor Eric appreciated
Aunty Abigail moved from her seat and fell in front of me crying as some watery mucus escaped from her nose.
“Forgive me Jessy,I am so sorry, please forgive me, I had been a bad person to you, please forgive me”she continuously cried and pleaded.
I stood up and pulled her up embracing her.
“Is okay ma,I have forgiven you and I love you,is okay, please stop crying”
We were holding each other for minutes as we cried together like we just lost someone.
After minutes,I let go of her and she went back to her seat.
“Now that you have finally forgiven us, please can we see the child because we believed that you put to birth or did something happened?” Pastor Eric asked
“No sir, nothing happened,I put to birth a bouncing and healthy baby girl,so strong like her mother and here she is” I said pointing to Rejoice
They all exclaimed as they starred at her with mouth wide opened.
They never believed that she could have grown this big.
“God is indeed good” pastor Eric said
“Please my child,can we take her?”the elderly man that that I assumed to be Chris’ father asked
“Am afraid that’s not possible”my hubby shouted in Anger.
“you people must be out of your mind.
You think you can just come from no where and take my daughter away from me?
She is my daughter and will go nowhere, infact I adopted her when she was born and now she is legally mine and will forever be mine, infact you people have overstayed your welcome, please leave my house before I call the security”
“Oh Jessy”Chris said falling on the floor with both legs and hands not minding whether he is wonded or not.
“Please forgive me Jessy,I beg you,I have realized what i did, please don’t take my child away else I will die please” He cried
“Chris,you remembered what I once told you, that a day will come when you will fall on both hands and legs begging for your child but it will be too late, Chris TOO LATE TO CLAIM”
“I said you people should get out before I call the security” my husband fumed with Anger.
I watched as they all began to leave crying one by one.
Aunty Abigail rolled Chris out of the house in uncontrollable tears.
Rejoice turned to me and asked
“Mommy,is that my father going in the wheelchair?”
“No dear,this is your father standing before you and he will forever be your father”
She smiled,ran to her dad and hugged him as he lifted her up in the air smiling while I smiled too.
Chris sat in the garden looking at the poisonous bottle liquid in his hands.
He wept as he gulped down the content down his throat waiting for it to perform it’s function and cut him out of this world.
He now regretted every of his actions and wished he had changed when he had the opportunity to but now it was TOO LATE TO CLAIM.
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Nine months later,I gave birth to a set of blessings,a beautiful girl and a handsome boy.
Did I forget to tell you that I travelled to the village with hubby and rejoice and we changed and gave mother a befitting burial as I had once promised.
I now believe that finally she is resting in perfect peace.


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