Man Narrates How His Uncle Invited Him To Join A Lucrative Business, How Sickness Held Him Back, And His Uncle Death Among Those Roasted While Vandalizing Fuel Pipeline

Nigerian Man Had Narrated How His Uncle Invited Him To Join A Lucrative Business That
Would Fetch Him #2M On Every Operation.
He further narrated how sickness held him back from acknowledging his invitation, and lastly, how his uncle's death news was brought to his notice after a fuel pipeline exploded yesterday and killed 100 residents.  HIS WORDS :

Most times we don't know how lucky we are. Around last 2 months (August) my cousin told me to come to his community in Umu Nwankwo, Abia State to start a lucrative business. He said we would rent tankers then go vandalize pipelines carrying fuel or crude oil And we would divert the contents from the pipelines into Tankers, and sales could hit 20 million if not more from one move. But unfortunately I fell real sick so I couldn't make the move and I wasn't going to give anyone my money to invest without be there. But then I got a call early this morning that my cousin was involved in a pipeline explosion and he died instantly. I feel sad that my my cousin is dead, but still I can't help but be grateful to God because what would have happened if I didn't fall sick? I would have been here no doubt. Look my people believe that there is a reason somethings happen.


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