Newlywed Killed 5 Days After Wedding While On Honeymoon With Wife (Photo)

The body of a newlywed man was found last Saturday after he was swept away by flash
flooding in Costa Rica before his wife's eyes.

Josh and Bianca Byrne, from Massachusetts, USA, got married Oct. 6. They were on their honeymoon in Costa Rice when their vehicle veered off a bridge and submerged in the river last Thursday, according to the Boston Herald.

The couple was able to climb onto their car's roof...
and then decided to swim to shore. Bianca made it to shore, but Josh, 30, was swept away by flash floods.
Josh's father and brother few to Costa Rica Friday to search for Josh. The Red Cross found Josh's body Saturday afternoon.

According to their friend, Michael Ciprari Josh and Bianca Byrne, were on their honeymoon that was supposed to be “the best part of their lives” until their vehicle veered off a bridge and submerged in the river.

The two were able to extricate themselves from the vehicle and climb on the car’s roof. Both decided to swim ashore. As Bianca swam, she looked behind, Josh was gone.


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