SHOCKING! BOKO HARAM may Kill This Beautiful Lady Today..Family Raises Alarm

ICRC specialists have raised alert over the looming execution of their associates who were
Kidnapped in the Northern piece of Nigeria by Boko Haram.

Her name is Hauwa, she's 24 years of age. Why murder her?

As per ICRC official, "In March, she was kidnapped. Tomorrow (Monday) she could be executed.
Hauwa is a daughter, a sister, a friend. A young woman with a future ahead of her. 

We are pleading for her life to be spared.

Hauwa was abducted with Saifura, a midwife, and Alice, a nurse. All three dedicated their lives to helping others in northern Nigeria.

Two weeks ago, Saifura was brutally executed.

We are appealing for mercy for Hauwa and Alice. Please release them.

Over 7 months ago, our colleagues Hauwa and Alice were abducted in northern Nigeria. We have been told in 24 hours they will be executed.

We issue an urgent plea for their lives.

To their abductors: Please show mercy. Let them go home to their families."

Hauwa Liman, a midwife, and Alice Loksha, a nurse working in a UNICEF-supported centre, were reportedly providing essential antenatal care to communities in Rann, Borno state, before their abduction. How sad!


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