SHOCKING! See how a passenger hanged a commercial motorcyclist to death & buried him on his farmland in Agbado-Ekiti (Photos)

Some days ago it was on the news that a passenger lynched a motorcyclist and buried him
in an already dug grave in Agbado-Ekiti in Gboyin neighborhood government territory of Ekiti state as culled by Aynaijang blog CEO during a live radio program anchored by popular Ibadan OAP Omo Edema.
The motorcyclist, Omoniyi Afe popularly known as Apetesi was reportedly carried his passenger identified as Toyin Ajakaye to his farm along Ode-Ekiti where the latter allegedly killed and buried him.
Reacting to the circumstance surrounding the incident; while some people held to the belief that there would have been a ‘secret deal’ between the duo, many others suspected that the killing might be for ritual purposes.

Confirming the incident to Omo Edema, the wife of the deceased Omoniyi Funmilayo said her husband was not sick on the day he met his sudden death.
According to her, “my husband was not sick, he woke up in the morning that day and went to his okada work (commercial motorcycle riding) as usual within the town. It was later told that Toyin Ajakaye requested his service to take him to his farm near Ode-Ekiti—the neighbouring community.
“When they got to the farm close the factory of Senator Gbenga Aluko, the suspect, on his arrest, confessed that my husband wanted to drop him by the roadside, but he pleaded with him to take him into the farm a little. As my husband did, he now put rope to his neck from behind and pulled it up to his death. Then he went ahead and buried him in an already dug grave on the farm.

See how a passenger hanged a commercial motorcyclist to death & buried him on his farmland in Agbado-Ekiti
The mother of 3 confirmed that no part of her deceased husband was removed by the suspect. She said she only noticed that there was a rope left on the neck of his remains.
To know what could have led to the strange killing, Omo Edema asked the woman if she had ever noticed her husband involving in any disagreement or unsmooth discussion with his killer before or whether his husband belonged to any secret society, she said no.
“Toyin Ajakaye is from Arigidi-Akoko in Ondo State. Though he also live in this community, but I could not remember him and my husband were friends or enemies. My husband was an easy-going person and a friend of all. He was not a rich man though we have two houses; one in Ado-Ekiti and another one here in Agbado where we were living together with our children until his demise. He built these two buildings with the proceeds from his Okada business. He did not belong to any secret society. He had been doing Okada for many years”, she said.
Confirming there was no deal between the victim and the suspect before the incident, Alfa Abdul-Rasaq Babatola said he was privileged to be there when Ajakaye requested the transport service of the victim. According to him, the suspect had tried to stop two commercial motorcyclists but they did not stop to carry him before the victim later stopped for him.
“Apetesi (the deceased) was my in-law. In the morning of August 23 this year, he came to greet me in my shop. I was even telling him that he came out very early that day and he told me that he had to come out early to his business because that day was the community market day and that he needed money.
See how a passenger hanged a commercial motorcyclist to death & buried him on his farmland in Agbado-Ekiti
“We both left the shop. He went about his business while I went to motor park because I am a driver and chairman at the park. So at the park’s junction where I stood, I saw Omoniyi again coming with his motorcycle from Isarun road when Ajakaye stopped him and requested his service to Ode road. I was privileged to be there.”, Babatola explained.
Babatola said in less than 20 minutes after they left, another motorcyclist who had gone to drop a passenger at Ode-Ekiti returned to inform him that he saw people from Ode beating Ajakaye along the road. He said when he heard of it he thought the people might be beating him because the suspect had stolen many goats from the community before—the issue that later landed him in remand for many weeks.
“I was initially thinking maybe the people did not want him to come to his farm in the community, not even knowing it was more deeper than my thoughts. However, to my surprise we later got to know that he had killed a human being. As we went there, we discovered that it was Omoniyi who carried him in my presence less than an hour ago that he has killed and buried.
“Many question put to the suspected killer to know what really transpired between them yielded unimaginable responses. He did not deny killing Apetesi, but he maintained the claim that he killed him for no reason. Though some people confirmed they saw the suspect working on the farm in the previous day, believing it would have been the secret grave he came to dig.
“As they exhumed the body, there was a rope on his neck. But no part of his body was missing”, Babatola said.
Reacting to the incident, the Regent of Agbado-Ekiti Kabiye (Mrs.) Ojo Oke said the community was not happy with the ugly incident.
“This community is not happy with this incident. Agbado-Ekiti had been a peaceful town. There was a time it was reported that the suspect involved in this gruesome killing was caught in the act of stealing in the neighbouring community and he was arrested. He was remanded for many weeks before we later began to see him on the streets again.
“This time we appeal to the relevant authorities to look critically into this matter. We want justice, we don’t want him back to our community. We are a people known for peace before this incident”, the Regent demanded.
Meanwhile, an Ado-Ekiti Magistrate’s Court has reportedly ordered that Toyin Ajakaye be remanded in prison custody till October 16.


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