VERY RISKY! Real Human 'Spiderman' Climbs Massive 662ft Tower (Photos)

A man who has been nicknamed the genuine French Spiderman has scaled the 662ft
(202m) Heron Tower in the City of London.

Alain Robert made the unlawful (and fantastically hazardous) climb prior yesterday. Cops had touched base at 1.37pm yet were past the point where it is possible to stop him...

Mr Robert, whose accomplishments have included climbing Dubai's 2,717ft (828m) Burj Khalifa, made simple work of the pinnacle. As dependably he didn't mess with wellbeing gear and simply utilized gloves and chalk.

He said: ‘I saw it. I touched it a bit. I tried it just a tiny bit. ‘I am not really knowing much. It is only really when I start climbing that I know. I need to feel it.

‘There has been 44 years in which I have been climbing. This is what I know as a way of living and expressing myself and living my dreams, my passion and living my life as fully as I can.

Definitely it's dangerous. I have a certain knowledge. I have a solid background,' he said.


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