why is aynaijang.com not loading for Glo users

Please, am here to inform my readers that once you're using Glo SIM card to browse our
blog you may be finding it difficult to logon to this blog because all blogs hosted under blogspot are also facing these difficulties due to "Globacom" worst services provided to their customers.
Use an Opera browser or Use a better network like MTN, Airtel,  Etisalat to surf this blog.
Or download a vpn from Google Playstore.
A further investigation revealed that except you are using Opera mini while connected to Glo, you will be unable to open sites hosted on blogger using any other web browser (at least the ones I have used). These include Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Internet Explorer.
Like I said in my earlier post on this topic, a simple solution is to use Opera mini but if you have your bookmarks, usernames and passwords already saved in Chrome or any of the other browsers, then you need to install a VPN software.
You can downlaod SurfEasy VPN here. It is easy to install and it is free. Apart from letting you access blogger sites on the Glo network, it gives you all-round network protection, allowing you access to sites and network resource hitherto not available.

Thanks for the understanding!

Aynaijang.com CEO

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