51 Whales Die After Becoming Stranded On A Beach.

Fifty-one pilot whales have kicked the bucket in the wake of getting to be stranded on a
shoreline on the Chatham Islands off New Zealand.

The mass stranding implies in excess of 200 whales have passed on in isolated occurrences over the previous week in the area.

New Zealand's Department of Conservation says between 80 and 90 whales were found to have become stranded in Hanson Bay on Thursday.

Several dozen managed to refloat themselves but 50 were found dead and one had to be put down.

"There was no likelihood of being able to successfully save the remaining whale. Sadly, the decision was made to euthanise. It was the most humane thing to do," said DOC's Chatham Islands Operations Manager, Dave Carlton.

"This is always an awful decision to have to make."


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