MAGIC FAILS: Man Face Turned Red As Snake Refuses To Come Out After Swallowing It During Stunt In Lagos (Photos)

Man who swallowed snake In lagos
Why risk your life ontop nothing? A man was left embarrassed after his enchantment stunt
turned out badly amid performance in Lagos. It was accumulated that the man gulped a snake while playing out an enchantment stunt, with the confirmation that he would bring it out.Sadly, he found it difficult to pull the snake out...

A trending clip making the rounds online shows the moment the man who wore red and black attire - tried to force the snake out of his mouth all to no avail. He even tried by coughing vigorously but still couldn't bring out the snake from his mouth.

While he continued with different styles to pull out the reptile, others who had gathered to watch the magic, looked on including passersby and motorists.

Man who swallowed snake In lagos
Probably he'll go back to his 'source' for more power or end with it.


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