Buhari Breaks Silence, Expresses Is Anger Over Ganduje Dollars Bribery

Buhari Breaks Silence, Expresses Is Anger Over Ganduje Dollars Bribery
While some in the Presidency are endeavoring to cover the Dollars issue of course,
imagining like nothing happened in light of the fact that it influences an APC Governor, President Muhammadu Buhari has straightforwardly communicated is displeasure regarding the bribe taking video of Kano State senator, Abdullahi Ganduje
Buhari said he has seen the videos and he's not happy.

The president’s response on the Ganduje videos on Monday followed a remark by a Kano student in France, who lauded the achievements of the governor, especially on scholarship, and advised federal government to emulate the governor.

But the president snapped, asking the student if he had watched the governor’s videos receiving bribe in dollars.

“That aside, haven’t you watched the videos of the governor stuffing dollars under his gown?” the president asked rhetorically while demonstrating how the governor was stuffing the bundles of dollars under his Agbada.

We gave the videos to security agencies for vetting. And we will surely take action on the matter if he is found guilty.”

But the president’s response did not go down well with a member representing Nassarawa Constituency, Nassir Ali-Ahmed and personal assistant to Buhari on Broadcast Media, Sha’aban Sharada, who allegedly pleaded with journalists to remove the portion where the president made remark on the governor.


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