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for your great pleasures to learn more from episodes of life.
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When I discovered that I’ve totally moved away from his house, I stopped to rest a bit. After few minutes, I went to a phone booth to call Chief Afolabi maybe he can help me.
Me: hello Chief.
Chief: how are you?
Me: am fine sir.
Chief: your voice sounds familiar.
Me: yes, I’m Temmy sir.
Chief: Temilade right?
Me: yes sir. Thank you for the other time.
Chief: all thanks belongs to Allah. how you doing
Me: I’m not fine sir.
Chief: what happened? Hope your brother is now ok?
Me: my brother is feeling better now but my father had an accident today.
Chief: Subuanalah!!!! Am highly sorry. May Allah avert
bad omen from your family.
Me: amen sir.
Chief: what can I do for you now?
Me: his legs are to be amputated.
Chief: why?
Me: the accident is so fatal.
Chief: oh my God! So what can I do to help the
Me: Doctor said we should deposit one hundred and fifty thousand.
Chief: where exactly are you now?
Me: Surulere junction.
Chief: hope my card is with you?
Me: yes.
Chief: meet me at my residence in one hour time.
Me: alright sir.
With this response from Chief I was bit hopeful and relieved. I entered bus to chief Abiodun house.
Thirty minutes later, I approached his gate……….
Me: I pressed the bell.
GM: who is that?
Me: am Temilade by name? GM: who are you looking
Me: I wanted to see Chief.
GM: do you have any appointment with him?
Me: yes.
GM: are you with his complimentary card?
Me: yes.
GM: pass it under the gate. Me: here is it.
GM: I can see it truly, you can come inside(the gate slided open).
Me: thank you. I entered the compound. Exaggerations apart, since I was born I’ve never seen this kind of building before. Talk of the interior, garden, swimming pool and others infact it’s paradise on earth.
When am about to enter his sitting room, a thought
came to my mind, is this man reliable enough?
Hmmm………….Temilade remember the daughter of
whom you are! It could be from fry pan to fire(I thought).
I later gathered courage to entered.
I sat on the sofa waiting for the Chief arrival.
Cook: what will you like to drink?
Me: am okay.
Cook: how will you be in presidential villa saying you
are okay. We have soft drinks, assorted wines, fruit
juice, less alcoholic just name it.
Me: if you insisted I prefered fruit wine.
Cook: let me add this what will you like to eat
Me: I will be okay with juice. She went in to bring the
juice which I enjoyed very much.
Some minutess later, a guy came to me that Chief is waiting for me in his visitor room.
To be continued!


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