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when he said this, I was more nervous and worried. I recited Ayyatul Qurisiyy(Q2v255) to seek God protection over me. With much confident, I followed him to see Chief………..
Chief: welcome darling.
Me: thanks.
Chief: hope you did not find it difficult to locating
Me: yes sir. It’s very unique in this area.
Chief: come and sit beside me.
Me: thanks for the other day.
Chief: I learnt that you didn’t eat, let eat before
Indeed! It’s presidential villa. I ate to my satisfaction.
While we are eating chief did something funny, he
tried to feed me which I decline.
After we ate finished………..
Chief: this is my house, my wife and my children were
in abroad. I lived here alone with my workers as you
might have noticed. So I want to marry a young girl that can take care of me. I don’t mind to have you as my wife.
I said this out of my feelings not because you need
my help.
Me: I appreciated you since the first day we met. May
I ask you something?
Chief: go ahead.
Me: is your wife living in abroad permanently and also can you allow me to think about it?
Chief: she’s a dual citizen so she normally spend much time there. And secondly, no compulsion in love but I will be much happy to hear a yes from you.
Less I forget, which university are you?
Me: Al-Hikmah university.
Chief: after our marriage you will quit that school. So
I will liaise with a foreign university online. So you
will obtain your degree in my house.
Me: thanks for understanding sir.
Chief: I will give you a cheque of two hundred thousand to take
care of your Daddy.
Me: I’m speechless for this sir. So people like you is
still on this planet(tears escaped it’s gland)!
Chief: if I don’t do it someone else will surely do it
just let thank God and stop crying.
Me: may God continue to exalt you.
Chief: amen thanks. Let go to living room.
He handed the cheque to me which I cashed the following day.
I paid the specified amount for my dad’s treatment.
The following day, I bought a blackberry Bold 5 and a new line.
I called Chief to thank him……….
Me: hello chief!
Chief: is that not Temilade?
Me: yes sir. Thank you
sir may God continue to exalt you.
Chief: amen. how about your mum and my name sake
Me: they are discharged now.
Chief: so any good news?
Me: not really! I can’t withstand your wife.
Chief: just leave the issue of my wife ok?
Me: alright sir.
Chief: will you marry me.
Me: hmmmm………….yes sir.
Chief: am happy to hear this. Infact it called for
celebration. Where are you now?
Me: am at home.
Chief: can I pick you up to celebrate it?
Me: I want to visit my dad in hospital now.
Chief: forward your account number to me now.
Me: thanks sir.
Chief: remove that sir!
Me: ok
Chief: don’t mention dear.
My mum called me from bedroom……
To be continued…….


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