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I answered her from the sitting room.
Me: yes ma (entering the bedroom).
Mum: I want to have a discussion with you, sit down.
Me: yes ma.
Mum: may God spear you for us. I saw all your effort
to save Biodun, your father and me as well. However,
as a good parent, I have to ask you this, where did
you raised such money for our treatment?
Me: (kneeling down) thank you mum. I appreciated your
observation ma. There was a man I met on my way
coming from campus last week. I explained what my
family is passing through so he gave me twenty five thousand that
day. When Dad incident happened, I went to many
of his friend where none of them ready to help. I later
went to him which he eventually gave me a cheque of #200,000. In nut shell, he’s messiah of our family.
Mum: you know am your mother right?
Me: yes ma.
Mum: why are you telling me lies?
Me: wallahi (I swear by God’s name) he is responsible for all.
Mum: ok. What is relationship between you?
Me: in the first instance, he didn’t demand for anything until when I need his assistance for dad treatment.
Mum: and what was his demand?
Me: he proposed to marry me.
Mum: and you agreed?
Me: I agreed when we spoke on phone today.
Mum: think before you do anything and seek Allah’s
guidance over this.
Me: thank you ma I will do so.
Mum: I prayed for best in life for you my jewel Amoke (My pedigree as a typical yoruba tribe).
Me: amen, may you also live long to reap our fruits.
Mum: amin thank you my dear.
Me: I want to visit him this evening.
Mum: may God guide you.
Just as we are discussing, a called from chief…….
Me: hello sir!
Chief: hello darling! How you doing?
Me: am good and you?
Chief: cool only that I missed you.
Me: okay I will come by five o’clock.
Chief: I will be glad to see you again. Lest I forget I’ve
told my secretary to transfer #50,000 for your domestic expenses.
Me: thanks darling.
Chief: I will be expecting you dear.
Me: alright!
Mum: is that the man?
Me: yes ma.
Mum: okay.
Let me go and prepare dad food it’s getting late
Mum: thanks for the cares.
Me: I will go to his house immediately I left the
Mum: alright remember the child of whom you are.
I went to hospital as I’ve planned it. Just as am
coming out of hospital, he called me that I should
join him at a junction.
When I got there, I entered his Range rover sport car.
Chief: welcome dear. Which eatery do you preferred? Mr bigg’s, Chicken republic, 24hours or spices?
Me: anyone that befitted Chief wife.
Chief: I will surprise you.
He pecked me.
He drove the car toward a big eatery called De Champion Chef.
We dinned together as a new lover. You know how it
usually be.
To be continued!


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