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After eating we left the eatery and he
drove me back home.
Chief: when are we meeting again?
Me: when do you feel like?
Chief: I don’t mind tomorrow.
Me: even me.
Chief: that means our spirit is working
Me: I thought as much.
Chief: I will be expecting you tomorrow
Me: okay but I will go to hospital first.
Chief: Oh sorry for not ask about my
father in-law!
How was his condition now? Me:
Alhamudulilah (Thank God)
Chief: I will like to visit him tomorrow.
Me: thanks for your caring.
Chief: stop it am doing it for myself.
Me: will you come down to greet my
Chief: next time! just help me give her
this envelope.
Me: this is much!
Chief: it’s all for love.
Me: okay, thanks dear.
He drove off………..
Me: sallam alaykun waramatulahi
(peace, blessing and mercy of God be
upon this you)!
Abiodun: walekisalam(and you too).
Welcome my
Me: where is mummy?
Abiodun: she’s in bedroom. Me: have you
Abiodun: no!
Me: I bought this for you.
Abiodun: thanks ma.
I went in to see mum….
Mum: welcome dear it’s late now.
Me: am sorry ma!
Mum: hope you are not crossing your
Because it’s only God that is trustworthy.
Me: yes ma, may HE lead me alright.
Mum: amen! So how is your dad?
Me: he’s feeling better.
Mum: okay.
Me: I bought this for you.
Mum: thanks! may you also reap fruit of
your own labour too.
Me: amen! I’m thinking of something ma.
Mum: what’s that?
Me: I have about seventy thousand in my
account now, I suggested that maybe you
should start a business
with #50,000 so that you will be able to
take care of
domestic responsibility.
Mum: (she started crying) what a pity!
Me: stop this ma, you knew Dad
condition presently. He
need much love and care these days.
Chief also sent
this envelope to you.
Mum: what’s inside?
Me: It will be money open it. Mum: it’s
money count it.
Me: #20,000.
Mum: hmmmm! May God bless this man!
Me: amen.
Mum: don’t just disappoint me okay.
Me: yes mum thanks.
I went straight to bedroom to sleep, his
call came
Me: hello darling!
Chief: how you doing?
Me: am good.
Chief: I wanted to visit my uncle at
Agboriefon village
tomorrow and I will like to take you
Me: no problem dear. I will get to you
latest by 10am tomorrow morning.
Chief: thanks dear. Good night.
Me: yes dear.
You’re reading Temilade, a story by
Afolabi Sefiu. For more visit http://
I had a bad dream that very night. I saw
a Lion
playing with goat. Suddenly, the lion
grabbed the goat
and tear it into pieces. I was shocked
when the Lion
face turn to Chief face. I was frightened!
When I woke up, I was drenched in my
I took my kettle to perform abulution and
prayed about it.
To be Continued!


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