The story titled "TEMILADE" was written

for your great pleasures to learn more from episodes of life.
.No part of it should be reproduced
in form or copied
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………………………………………Early in the morning, we observed our morning
prayer. I told my mum about the dream.
Mum: since you have prayed about it, no evil will
come over you.
Me: amen. I went to kitchen to prepare our breakfast.
About 8:30 I heard an alert on my phone which was
bank alert of #50,000. I thought over the suprise alert that can it be the LION I saw in my dream. I concluded
that God will save me from it.
I took the food to my dad in hospital. Afterward I
went straight to Chief house in which I met his absence.
I asked his house girl his where about.
The girl: I don’t know.
Cook: (interrupted) he left home since yesternight.
Me: to where?
Cook: you are funny! Did you except me to be asking
Me: okay you can go to your duty.
Just then, he called…….
Chief: where are you now? Am waiting for you.
Me: am coming. Where are you as well.
Chief: am at home waiting.
Me: I will join you there.
What is happening? Where he went to since yesterday? Why is he telling lie??
I quickly left his house and hang around to watch him.
I told his worker not to tell him that I have came before.
Thirty minutes later I saw him drove in. I called him
that I was near his house. He told me to wait for himat junction.
Since he said junction, I quickly rushed down to the
junction. On my way going a pastor stopped me……….
Pastor: peace be unto you.
Me: amen sir.
Pastor: the spirit of the Lord
told me that, there is a casket waving around your
head. The Lord added that you should not travel this
time as it may lead to your destruction. This is what
the lord said. Alaafia(peace).
I just took his word with levity.
Later, I entered his car and drove toward the village.
As we are going, I kept praying to God to save me
from any enemy plan for my life.
Chief: we are almost there, just about two kilimeters more.
Me: okay dear.
Chief: I bought this snacks for you.
Me: (pretended) you forgot today is Thursday? Am
Chief: oh am sorry! But how king will over Queen
something and will refused. Me: am sorry I will eat it
when i break. I collected the snack and put it in my
Chief: why are you embarrassing me?
Me: sorry dear! You knew I do fast on monday and
thursday so don’t be offended.
Chief: okay if you insisted but am not happy with it.
I did as if I don’t hear what he said…….
Me: thanks dear for the money you sent to my
Chief: don’t mention!
His phone rang………
Chief: hello Baba.
The following response from Chief is “we are almost there, hum! Ehn! Yes!! I saw her.
Me:(interrupted) who are you speaking with?
Chief: it’s Bab….no my uncle.
Me: okay.
Five minutes later, we arrived the village.
The village has about just 50 olden days building.
Chief: wait inside the car let me check Baba inside.
He went in………..a guy came to me.
Guy: you better run for your dear life now.
Me: why? What happened?? Do you know me
Guy: stay there if you like!
When I heard this, I took to my heel. I ran as fast as I
can. When I heard a movement of car, I hide inside bush. He called and I don’t pick his call.
To be continued!


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