When I get to the drug shop, I will see if I can get an anti malaria drug to buy. He sadly spoke and walked away.
Look at him and his village style walking of dragging his feet. Abigail insulted.
Later in the evening, she received a call from Mina.
Hello Abigail, you couldn't make it to work today, I hope everything is alright? She asked.
I am very fine. She coldly responded.
Anyway, I am visiting Selorm in his home this evening and I learnt Joojo is already home. I will need the audio, in case he tries anything silly. Mina talked.
Sorry Mina, I am currently out of reach. I am with my husband at the mountains for prayers. She lied.
That is no problem, I think you can WhatsApp it to me. Mina requested.
Like I said, I am busy at the moment. Abigail harshly responded and hanged up.
You have a date indeed! Cheap prostitute. She insulted after dropping the call.
Quickly, she called Chris.
Hey sexy, do we still have a date tomorrow? She inquired.
Sure we do. Kindly text the location to me. Chris responded.
It's easy boo. It's Glory Church mission house. Abigail informed.
Mission house? Are you the wife of a Pastor? Chris almost screamed.

Yes I am. I hope that isn't scaring you? She asked.
Nothing scares me in this life bitch Mrs. I love challenging tasks and this is one of them. Fucking right before God. Chris swagly responded.
Anyway, my phone will be off till my date with you is over. I hate distractions. I will come to your house very early in the morning and leave late in the night. Chris informed.
And hey, I hope you've done your home work well? As in, making sure your husband isn't home. He asked.
I have done that already Chris, there is nothing to worry about.
That's alright. Now get into the washroom and begin a thorough scrub of your church pussy. Chris sexily teased.
I'm loving you already Chris, see you tomorrow. Abigail answered happily.
Soon, it was evening and Abigail waited impatiently for Chris the next day whiles Mina drove straight to Selorm's home.
Welcome home Mina, please have a seat. Selorm offered.
What can I offer you? He desperately spoke.
Calm yourself down Selorm, you seem too nervous. Mina calmly responded.
Anyway, where is Joojo? She inquired.
Right here in my father's house Mina. He responded from the balcony.
I see! Well, your brother and I have a date as you can see. She teased.
Of course I can see that, but hey, get your sorry ass off this couch and begin going before I pounce on you. Joojo gently but angrily spoke.
Joojo, are you out of your mind? How dare you talk to her like that? Selorm questioned unhappily.
Wow! Joojo, do you have the balls to stand this battle? Mina questioned in anger.
Anyway Selorm, Joojo here proposed to me and I turned him down that is why he is hating on me. I have the evidence and I will soon provide it! Mina narrated in anger.
What? Joojo, you proposed to her? Selorm angrily questioned and began walking towards Joojo for a merciless beatings.
Before you lay a finger on me bro, please ask her to provide an evidence.
And before she provides the evidence, the two of you must take a look at this video. Joojo screamed and switched the television on, showing Mina and Chris in hot love making.
What? Who did this to me? She screamed in tears.
Joojo, what am I seeing? Is that not your friend Chris. Selorm questioned whiles going down slowly in the sofa.
Joojo run and held him.
Selorm please wake up! Wake up! He called.
Quickly, he called their family medical team and they rushed to the house
Mina quickly run out of the house in tears.


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