The story titled "TEMILADE" was written

for your great pleasures to learn more from episodes of life.
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when I got to a point, I was so fatiqued so I. took a rest. I remembered how Chief Abiodun did in the first day and there after. I kept asking myself
‘what could chief plan be? Can he plan to harm me?
What can he have in mind to me?? Is he a ritualist?
Oh my goodness!!!
I suddenly saw his car……what?? I left that spot and entered bush running like a cobra chasing it prey. When I have covered some distance I stopped.
As I was resting, I discovered that I was hearing a foot step; though I was tired but I took another route.
I innocently fell into a deep hole. I screamed like a
wounded lion, nobody could help me. I picked up my
phone to call my mum……
Mum: hello dear.
Me: yes ma.
Mum: how are you?
Me: I’m not fine! Infact am in danger(crying).
Mum: Subuanalah! What happened?
Me: the chief I told you about is a ritualist.
Mum: Lahilailahlah! Humanbeing are wicked. Where are you now?
Me: I don’t even kno………w(stammering).
Mum: Ori mi o(oh my fate)! Where do I go?
Me: I have turned deaf hear to your advice I’m sorry.
Before she could respond again, my BB shutdown. At
that point in time, I felt hopeless. I recalled how God
revealed this to me in my dream yet I turned adamant. He still sent another man to me which I ignored. Oh my God! Forgive all my sins and inequity.
I knew I ignored your warnings due to my greediness and covetousness.
(Crying) astagafurulahi! astagafurulahi!! astagafurulahi!!! I don’t know when tears started rolling down from my cheek. Oh God I’m I going to end
my life here? Is this how Temilade will die?? I’m I not
going to see my family again??? Haaa! I’m doomed! I cried until I slept off.
I woke up to found myself tied down at that Baba house looking like a drugged baboon. Baba and chief started the atonement……..
Baba: are you sure she’s complete?
Chief: yes Baba, I have used the ring you gave me to
confirm that right from the first day I met her.
Baba: it shall be well with you omo mi (My child).
Chief: I have spent a lot for her before I could get her.
If not for those guy she would have escaped totally.
Baba: give all the thanks to Orunmila.
Chief: Orunmila modupe ooo.
Baba: Ifaponle oo?
Ponle: yes the wise one.
Baba: go and bring the calabash.
Ponle: yes sir.
Baba: remove all your cloth now.
Chief: okay.
Baba: as I told you earlier that you will be making
sacrifice to Orisa aje(deity of money) every six months.
So, you will use what in this calash to rub your manhood to have sex with her.
Chief: hope she will not die?
Baba: if she die, has she not collected her prize? She
will not die but she will be barren for the rest of her
Chief: okay thank you. So far she will not die, I’m okay
with that.
Baba: listen carefully, after this atonement you must
never have any relationship or whatsoever with her again nor spending your money for her. If you can keep this warning no problem for you,
Chief: I will abide by it.
Baba: I will go and wait for you outside so be fast.
To be continued……


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