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I watched him as he removed his clothes from shirt, signet, trouser and even boxer. He placed the calabash just below his jaw and started chanting incantations after which he rubbed the content of the calabash and asked me to lie on my back. I can’t even repel as I obeyed him without any iota of struggle, no wonder I was under an effective command. I did
as he instructed waiting for the worst to happened.
In the process, I remembered when my father was alive.
He called me on that faithful day………
Daddy: Monsurat! Monsurat!! Monsurat!!!
Me: yes sir.
Daddy: how many time did I called you?
Me: thrice.
Daddy: you’re my eldest child and I’m proud of you always. Listen to me carefully, as a Muslim, you should note that nothing in life is permanent. There’s time of hardship as well as enjoyment. When you’re in enjoyment, becareful and remember God that He owns the later. Also, when you’re in hardship, I mean in time of testing, when problem arised, remember Allah(God) and pray unto him to take away your burden because the holy Quran says “a believer will be subjected to series of test and only those who have patience and persevearance with it will be among the dweller of paradise”. And to crown it all, for every help human being rendered to you, they’ll demand something in return so take Him as your helper.
Me: thanks daddy, I will heed to it sir.
Daddy: alright dear go and meet your mummy in kitchen.
I shook my head as hot tears tricked down my cheek. I silently pray in my mind for his mercy.
As he attempted to climb my chest, I regained my. consciousness and started shouting………..ALLAHU! ALLAHU!! .ALLA……..HU!!! Dragging with him (only God know where that strenght came from). Before I know it, I found myself in the pit (hole) I fell into. I must have slept for close to three hours judging from darkness that have overthrown the day.
Though I was breathing heavily and sweating profusely. I kept saying Alhamudulilah (thank God).
When I regained my balance, I asked myself “Will I be here forever? What can I do now? Oh God have mercy upon me (crying and wailing at pitch of my voice).
Few minutes later, I suddenly saw a torch tracing my voice. I was muted because I don’t know may be it’s my pursuant
or evil spirit.
When I listened to the foot steps, I discovered it’s human being. I shouted e gba mi ooooo (somebody help me ooo)!
Hunter: eranko abi eyan (human being or animal)?
Me: eyan ni sir (it’s human being sir).
Hunter: kin lo n se ninu igbo dudu yi (what are you doing in this dark forest)?
Me: I escaped from ritualist den, which led me to this bush. As I was running I fell into this pit.
Hunter: o ma se o! Pele(what a pity)! Sorry.
Me: please help me I can’t climb up.
Hunter: na owo re soke (stretch your hands up).
I did as he said. He pulled me up from the pit.
When I came out I discovered one of my leg is seriously injured which I can’t use to walk.
Me: please sir my leg is injured I can’t walk.
Hunter: nibo ni o ti wa (where are you from)?
Me: am from Ila but I lived in Osogbo.
Hunter: hmmm! Ila-Orangun omo ogboye. Ila-Orangun omo alagogo kin to memu (rendering Ila eulogy) ilu iya mi nu(that’s my mother’s town).
Me: thank you sir.
Hunter: maa mu o lo si aba mi ka le wa nkan fi si ese re yi(I will take you to my settlement, so that I can take care of your leg).
With his help, He led me down to his village. His wife prepared a delicious meal for me.
He applied ointment to my leg after which I felt relieved. I passed the night with them. In the following morning I woke up to found out that the village contain just about three. settlements…………
Me: e kaaro (good morning sir).
Hunter: bawo ni omo mi(how are you my daughter)?
Me: I feel better now.
Hunter: Oluwaseun (thank God).
Me: please how can I charge my phone?
Hunter: there is a town about two Kilometer from here you can charge it over there.
Me: thanks sir. Please sir can I get water to bath?
Hunter: (called his wife) Odebunmi!
Wife: yes Baba.
Hunter: please get water to bathroom for her.
Wife: okay.
I went in to the bathroom and took my bath.
Only God know what HE have in stock for me.
To be continued!
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