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TEMILADE EPISODE 17: ***********************
After that I rubbed the cream I had in my bag but my clothes is too dirty and filthy. I begged the woman to give me one of her cloth so that I can wash mine. I put on the one she gave me. I later gave her husband to and fro money to the town to charge my phone which he did. Infact God love me most if not, it would have been from fry pan to fire and finally to FURNANCE. Hmmm Glory be to God.
He came back about three hours later with my battery fully-charged. And before he came my cloth has dried. I changed to my cloth and before I left I gave his wife two thousand naira which she appreciated a lot. The man escorted me to where I boarded bus down to my place. Along the road I called my mum to know her where about but no response. I got home three hours later and met her absence. I asked from our neighbor her where about………
me: good afternoon ma.
Mama Florence: (shivering) is this your ghost or what?
Me: I’m alive ma.
Mama Florence: how did you escaped?
Me: it’s God grace please ma, what about my mum?
Mama Florence: (crying) what a pity! Haaaaa(shaking her head)!
Me: what happened ma?
Mama Florence: when your father heard about your condition, he had heart attack which led to his death.
Me: don……don……..don’t tell me my father is dead (stammering)!
Mama Florence: you have to take heart.
Haaaa (crying)! I caused my father death eventually because of my greediness. God forgive me for all my shortcomings.
I cried as much as I could after which I made another decision that any man that come across my path will surely pay for this dearly. I’m ready to join Clarion group now. I TEMILADE, will show you men pepper.
I called mum….
Me: hello mummy.
Mum: is this you Temilade?
Me: it’s me ma.
Mum: haaa! God why did you do this to me? Your father died as a result of your disappearance, hoping he wouldn’t seeing you again.
Me: mama florence have told me everything. I’m sorry for bringing this to our family ma. Where are you now ma?
Mum: I’m still in hospital (crying).
Me: I will join you soon.
I hide my number to dial chief number………..
Chief: who is this?
Me: Temilade.
Chief: why did you ran away?
Me: so you still have gut to talk?
Chief: what have I done?
Me: don’t worry Police will soon get you arrested.
Chief: (laughing hysterrically) if you like call IG, I will let you pay for it.
Me: and I will tell you am a woman.
Chief: do your worst! He hung-up the call…….
To be Continued!


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