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I called his number back but he kept rejecting it, such is life.
After his burial rite my mum summoned me…….
Mum: my dear, i and your dad decided to send you to school to any length since your childhood irrespective of our limited income. But as you can see now, your father is no more (crying).
Me: mummy stop this, the deed has already been done. And that’s how God wills.
Mum: I suggest maybe you should learn an apprentiship.
Me: don’t worry ma. I will sort myself out. Kindly use
the money I gave you to start a business so that you can cater for my siblings.
Mum: hmmm! “Sort yourself out”? please remember ONCE BITTEN TWICE SHY!
Me: mummy chief will pay for the agony he caused my family in a big way.
Mum: leave revenge for Allah (God).
Me: ok ma. I will go back to campus tomorrow (pretended).
Mum: don’t follow the path of wayward girls in your
campus. Please remember I’m a widow now.
Me: I won’t disappoint you ma just keep praying for me because I knew it’s efficacy.
Mum: don’t cause more harm to this family by joining those useless girls around.
Me: I have heard you.
I went back to campus the following day.
When I got to hostel, I explained everything to my room mates who were experienced runs girl…..
Me: I have a deal for you.
Ngozi: yarn me jor na waitin?
Busayo: let her talk now.
Me: there is a man I just met about two weeks ago. He is
so rich and generous. I discovered is a ritualist. So, I
will get all the detail for you to get him. All you have
to do is to follow my instructions.
Ngozi: I beg make am snappy I want ego.
Busayo: please how do you mean?
Me: all I want from you is to rub and poison him for me.
Ngozi: na wetin him do you now?
Me: he attempted to use me for money ritual.
Ngozi: Chineke! I no go fit deal with that kind person oo.
Busayo: how sure are you that he will not use us as well?
Me: he only use virgin for his money sacrifice every six months. That is twice a year.
Busayo: haaa! Eniyan meji lodun kan! He deserve to die.
Ngozi: you mean say you be virgin?
Me: yes now.
Ngozi: hmmm! You no say I hate lie. So make you no try am. Virgin for where?
Busayo: how true is that Temmy?
Me: Wallahi (I swear in God name).
Busayo: kudos to your parent and you as well then because I don lost my own since 13yrs ago.
Ngozi: na waiting u dey do panu. Virgin at your age? You no shabi enjoyment. Abi you no get that thing? Anyway, Na my teacher even take my own for his office when I dey JSS three.
Me: leave that for now. How lectures?
Ngozi: nothing much jare.
Busayo: we wrote two tests but we helped you.
Me: thanks my good friends. Ngozi: you go marry my
brother Temmy.
Me: for where?
Ngozi: my brother is also a virgin now.
Me:(laughing) you are not serious! How you take
Busayo: don’t mind her jare. She want good thing for her brother.
I will be back I got to see Clarion. I left hostel for Clarion hostel…………
To be Continued!


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