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I met Clarion inside her room….
Clarion: where have you been?
Me: it’s a long story.
Clarion: I called your number severally the day you left but you don’t pick it.
Me: I was rubbed that very day. They even collected
the money you gave me.
Clarion: oh my God! am sorry. How is Biodun now?
Me: he’s alright now. I lost my father three days ago.
Clarion: JESUS! How does it happened?
Me: it’s a long story dear as I said earlier. All I want now is your help.
Clarion: may God forgive him. What’s that?
Me: I’m ready to involve in the Facebook runs.
Clarion: are you serious?
Me: am d--n seriously.
Clarion: now you are talking. You have to understand the concept of this life.
Me: I have now.
Clarion: which phone are you using now?
Me: blackberry bold 5.
Clarion: that’s good.
Go to google now. You will download different kind of unclad and half clad pictures.
Me: help me do it.
She collected my phone and before I know it, I have
about twenty pictures of a beautiful ladies.
Clarion: you will now create a new facebook with a
sweet name. Don’t use number but a mail.
She lectured me extensively on all parts of her business.
I created a new account with a very sweet name. I entered a very attractive information such as work place, schools, relationship status, current city, about, interest and others. I asked clarion, why she asked me not to use my
Clarion: if you do so, some of your friend that are on
facebook will detect you. And if they report you to FB
admin, your account would be suspended due to impersonation.
Me: okay.
Clarion: click on find friend and select import contact
from phonebook.
Me: I did so. It bring out result “200 contacts imported, 150 have joined FB. I clicked on done.
Clarion: you have two options.
Me: what are they?
Clarion: either you operate on local or international.
Me: let me start from local.
Clarion: that’s good to start with. You will start uploading those pics one by one. Before you know it, you will be having at least fourty friend request from guys everyday.
Me: what are the next steps after that?
Clarion: they shall be asking you out.
Me: what do I tell them?
Clarion: you will be pestering them till you get some information about them. There are some that you will
set up. Also, there are card givers who will be recharging your line. You will also meet some scammers like us. Hmmm! Those kind of guys will drive you crazy with their sweet words, we called them lover boys. All they will be
telling you is love and mind you if cares is not taking you go dey “fowo kanga di kanga”. They will turn you to their ATM as well.
Also, beware of ritualist.
Me: thanks for these comprehensive tutoring. I will adhere to them.
Clarion: you will sleep here today, I wanted to chat with some of my client in Italy on yahoo messenger so that you will understand better.
Me: no problem. I’m hungry now.
Clarion: go to kitchen, I left some fried rice.
I entered kitchen……..
To be continued!


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