The story titled "TEMILADE" was written
for your great pleasures to learn more from episodes of life.
.No part of it should be reproduced
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****about 3weeks later****
I went to an eatery
after a marathon lecture where I met Clarion………….
Me: good afternoon ma!
Clarion: afternoon. How you doing?
Me: am good.
Clarion: why you don’t fulfil your promise now?
Me: am sorry! It due to mid-semester test and besides I lost your number before I got home that day.
Clarion: what would you like to eat?
Me: rice
Clarion: white? Fried? Jollof?
Me: I prefer white.
Clarion: chicken or fish?
Me: anyone.
Clarion: bring a plate of rice with 2laps of chicken.
me: (surprised)! one is okay.
Clarion: eat like a Queen my dear and let go home there’s a lot to discuss.
Me: but two laps will be too much for me besides I’m a
student, I………………..
Clarion: I said relax to eat and let leave this place.
To be sincere I really enjoyed the food because it’s
been long I ate such food. I was planning to spend
just #150 before but when I calculated everything it’s
You’re reading Temilade, a story by Mr Couple.
I flashed back to those days when we are secondary
school. Clarion was also from poor family just like myself. I remember that a teacher bought her a uniform when her parent could not afford to change her tattered uniform
for her.
Series of thought was running through my
mind concerning the kind of dress she wears and how she
paid for my food.
clarion: did you enjoy the food?
Me: yes I did.
Clarion: one of my friends owns this eatery so you
are free to come in anytime.
Me: (surprised!) How do you mean?
Clarion: let go home we will talk about that later.
As we are going her phone rang she asked me to listen
to their conversation………..
Clarion: hello dear!
Caller: am good, have you see the alert?
Clarion: no, how much did you send?
Caller: 25K
Clarion: okay, I will go and check it tomorrow.
Caller: will you be online tonight?
Clarion: I can’t because of today stress.
Caller: what stress?
Clarion: lecture now.
Caller: am sorry dear.
Clarion: thanks I love you.
Caller: love you too. I’m still in office when I reach
home I will call you back. Bye
Clarion: bye dear.
I looked at her face as a blatant liar………………..who
is that guy?
Clarion: that’s one of my ATM.
Me: ATM?
Clarion: just relax.
Me: okay
When she said this, I began to think that could Clarion
be Aristo girl? No, maybe is her boyfriend I concluded. We both entered Cab to her hostel.
To be Continued!


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