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I learnt many things from Clarion concerning the facebook runs and other illegal cyber business. I went back to my hostel the following morning………….
Busayo: welcome, how was your night?
Me: not bad and yours?
Busayo: splendid
Me: what about Ngozi?
Busayo: she went for night duty.
Me: you these girls! You will not kill yourself sha.
Busayo: wetin poor man go do now?
Me: well sha, we no go kill ourselves.
Busayo: how about the issue of Chief?
Me: yea, I have devised a plan. And this is what it is, you will call him that, he
gave you his complimentary card some weeks back.
So we will act according to his reaction.
Busayo: I’m not good in that field let use Ngozi you no say she be Igbo girl.
Me: you are right let wait for her. Lest I forget, I will
introduce you to advance chatting which include facebook runs and others.
Busayo: se o maa bowo de sha(will money involve).
Me: you no trust me?
Busayo: na you sure pass, I beg tell me?
Me: there are some rich guy/man, girls/woman on
facebook who needs your services. Also, there are
white men/women who are ready to spend their money
for us.
Busayo: are you talking about yahoo?
Me: it’s an advanced chatting but Ote dey call am
yahoo(can’t even imagine how I changed quickly).
Busayo: yarn me more dear?
Me: I will be directing different guys to you, in which they will be asking you for sex/relationship. Your response will depend on their option.
Busayo: explain please, because how is that possible?
Someone knocked……..
Me: who is that?
Please I want to see Busayo.
Busayo: is that not Kola?
Kola: Yes.
Busayo: what do you want by this time of the day?
Kola: can I come in?
Me: come in.
Kola: thanks.
He came in……..
Busayo: did I ask you to come in?
Kola: please help me to talk to your friend, I love her
so much.
Busayo: are you so jobless and senseless to the
extent of coming to girl hostel this early talking about love?
Me: relax now! Kola don’t bother yourself. I will talk to her on your behalf and I believed she will change her mind. Please you will teach me GNS 311 and EEC 322 because I have missed lectures for the past two weeks.
Kola: ok just help me.
Busayo: no think am! I hate you and I can never date
Me: (silent for a while) imagine the brilliant, handsome guy dying for useless girl like Busayo. Aristo babe for that matter.
Well, love is blind and unconditional they said.
Kola: when you are ready for the tutorial you can let me
Me: okay. I will persuade her okay?
Kola: thanks.
He opened the door to leave, as Ngozi came in cheerfully.
To be continued!
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