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Listen attentively, what I need from you is a matter of smartness and trickery. You will poison him in other to stop him from that his selfish act.
From my research so far, there is a ring he do use to confirm maybe you are virgin or not. So far he know you are not virgin, you have nothing to fear about. Though he won’t spend much for you based on that.
Ngozi: how do we get money from him?
Me: he has two brief cases, one black and other is brown. He do bring in black one every friday.
You will strike him on friday night.
Busayo: what will be the first step now.
Me: let call him now.
She brought out her phone to initiate a call to chief…………..
Ngozi: hello chief!
Chief: hello. Who is on the line please?
Ngozi: I’m Ngozi by name.
Chief: what can I do for you?
Ngozi: you gave me your complimentary card some weeks ago at a get together party of one honourable.
Chief: okay, How are you?
Ngozi: I’m fine sir.
Chief: where are you now?
Ngozi: I’m in school.
Chief: how can we see?
Ngozi: where can I meet you sir?
Chief: can you meet me at Mr cherry?
Ngozi: when sir?
Chief: tomorrow evening.
Ngozi: okay sir.
Chief: you may call me when you are coming.
Ngozi: alright bye sir.
She hung the call……
Ngozi: what else to do now?
Me: merely looking at this your charming beauty, chief will fall for you. So establish a cordial relationship with him pending the time. Also, all money you realise during those time is yours.
Busayo: you go dey give am well well now.
Me: please don’t go beyond what we sent you.
Ngozi: rest assured! I can’t fake you girls.
Me: okay.
As we are discussing Femi call came in which I ignored.
Me: you will pick this guy call for me and tell him I
had a fatal accident this afternoon.
Busayo: but why? You told me this guy is ready for
you. Even to the level of marrying you.
Ngozi: you be mumu abi? Se na her picture she dey
use abi?
Me: look Busayo, since none of information I provided was correct including pictures. I gat to tap him fast.
You will tell him that doctor said you should deposit
Fifty thousand for my treatment.
We patiently wait for him after Ngozi have rehearshed very well.
Five minutes later he called back…..
Ngozi: hello uncle Femi!
Femi: hello. What about Princess?
Ngozi: (crying) she had an accident this afternoon.
Femi: (stammering) whe…..n where is that?
Ngozi: on her way back from Campus.
Femi: J-E-S-U-S! How is she feeling now?
Ngozi: I don’t even know now because she’s in emergency room.
Femi: emergen……….what? Ngozi: The problem now is
Doctor asked us to deposit sum of #50,000 and we’ve
been trying to call her mum since then.
Femi: can I speak with Doctor?
Ngozi: let me go and check her in office. I will call you
Me: weldone Ngozi! Busayo you will be the doctor
Busayo: what do I tell him?
Me: you will perfect what Ngozi have said.
Busayo: hello!
Femi: yea, is that doctor?
Busayo: yea Dr. Lilian
Femi: I learnt that my girlfriend is in your emergency room. What can you do for me?
Busayo: you have to deposit fifty thousand within the next twenty four hours else her condition may worsen.
Femi: can I transfer to your account?
Busayo: no, we collect cash.
Femi: please give phone to her friend.
Ngozi: hello
Femi: I will transfer fifty thousand to Princess account now. Please for God sake go and withdraw it with her ATM.
“Nemesis will surely catch up with those who make end means in ungodly way”. And that’s what I failed to know!
To be continued!
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