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for your great pleasures to learn more from episodes of life.
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This is unfair! Put this guy in your brother shoe. How will you feel if such happened to him?
Remember Quran says…….
Clarion:(interupted) stop that your Quran says! Didn’t
you know that most people you see nowadays riding
an expensive cars can not account how they accumulate their wealth. Besides how much have I collected that you are pity him? You need to understand that this guy you are pity might have
married yet flirting around. Who knows maybe God
want to punish him through me. Just watch and tap
from my knowledge. Atleast I no they do aristo nor carry gun.
Me: what you are doing is not good jare!
As she wanted to talk, her phone beeps…….
Clarion: sweety.
Caller: how are you my queen?
Clarion: am good. Hope you are doing well?
Caller: the weather is so cold here.
Clarion: am sorry dear!
Caller: how Nigeria?
Clarion: it’s hot here oooo.
Caller: sorry dear. I missed you a lot!
Clarion: infact I can’t wait to see you next month.
Caller: I was like coming tomorrow as well. I promise I
will make it this time.
Clarion: thanks dear. Did you see the pics I uploaded?
Caller: I haven’t. I will log in to see it right away.
Clarion: I took it at beach yesterday.
Caller: ok. Did you need anything?
Clarion: not really, I just want to change my phone.
Caller: do you like i-phone 5?
Clarion: yes
Caller: I will send it next week.
Clarion: send the money I will buy it here.
Caller: okay dear. Let me check those pics.
Me: Haaaaaaa Clarion!
Clarion: (singing) maga don pay shout Halleluyah etc
Me: may God forgive you because you don’t know
what you are doing mtchewwww!
Clarion: did you liked this phone?
Me: don’t entice me with that!
Clarion: you better take this and throw away this your
Tecno T605.
Me: hold your phone!
As I was trying to resist this, my phone ring………
Me: hello ma!
Mum: your brother is sick, we’ve to him to hospital. so we were asked to deposit some amount before they could treat him. We’ve deposited the money your father want to send to you.
Me: what’s wrong with him?
Mum: malaria. I don’t have card bye.
I called her back since I have almost #1600 on my
mum: Temilade I’m sorry my call card was exausted.
Me: how is he feeling now?
Mum: he is feeling better.
Me: what about my dad?
Mum: he went to his friend to borrow money.
Me: I thought you have paid his bill.
Mum: we deposited twenty thousand out of thirty thousand because he’s receiving blood.
Me: oh my God! You mean we still need twenty thousand now?
Mum: yes don’t worry your dad will rally round. Plead to
your teachers that you will pay your fees.
Me: leave that for now ma! I will call you later.
Clarion: what happened?
Me: my brother was hospitalised, so the money
meant for me was used for his treatment. Painfully! They still need some cash. Please can you borrow me?
Clarion: what are we friends for. Let go my hostel

Me: thanks! I will pay it back as soon as my brother is ok.
To be continued!


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