The story titled "TEMILADE" was written
for your great pleasures to learn more from episodes of life.
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We headed to clarion hostel where she gave me twelve thousand naira. I appreciated her for her kindness. I left
her hostel to find a bus.
Me: hello mummy!
Mum: how are you my dear?
Me: am fine. How is Abiodun feelings now?
Mum: better
Me: what about dad!
Mum: he has never return.
Me: I will join you in the next 40mins.
Mum: what are you coming for. If your brother wake
up now, no dime to buy him food.
So how will you cope about TF(transport fare)? Besides we’ve deposited the money
you needed.
Me: don’t worry ma. I will take care of that. I will join
you soon bye.
I boarded a bus where I was seventh passengers albeit I
was the second lady.
After five minutes, we embarked on the journey.
when we reach a particular location along the road I
discovered that the engine steamed down…………
Co-passenger: what’s wrong?
Driver: I don’t know yet!
Co-passenger: I beg check am wella you don they
fumble oo.
Me: please fix this motor in time my brother is dying and this weather is getting cloudy.
2nd lady: I beg wetin be this drivers problem panu?
Then go they collect money, then no go maintain wetin they fetch money for them.
Driver: wetin be your problem I know say in go get
fault? You better mind your businesses!
Co-passenger: I beg I won go market ko? So make I no
dey crazy am for you.
Driver: abokina inasua!
Aboki: I get am madness for here so make you no do
me Barawo!
2nd lady: don’t mind them na their way be that.
Driver: you know me before kuanu abi which kind
wahala be this?
Me: please you don’t need all this arguement let him concentrate.
2nd lady: abeg come open this your yeye door I won
Driver:(open the door) ngbanu come down.
She came down and went to bush as if she wanted to
urinate. Few minutes later she came out with two guys
shouting hands-up.
Am doomed(I lamented)! What can I do now?
I dripped my hand inside my bag so as to hide my money……………..surprisingly, I heard a gbola(heavy slap) on my face. It’s was the Driver.
Driver: you are a theif! You wanted to hide our money!
2nd lady: all of you come down we don come to
collect our money! If you try any rubish I go scatter
your heads.
Robber: one after the other! Drop your money,
phones, chains, rings and watches straight away.
Aboki: Lahilah ilah lahu, wayo Allah! Kai! Wana barawo bansa ni. I don entered ko, chaii my cow money (wailing)………..
They collected all our money and phones. I pity this
Hausa guy, they collected three hundred thousand from him and shot his legs while dragging with them!
Humanbeing are wicked!
Story Continues………..


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