EPISODE 6 : Temilade Episode Story

The story titled "TEMILADE" was written
for your great pleasures to learn more from episodes of life.
.No part of it should be reproduced
in form or copied
to other sites without the approval of the writer. For more info contact Aynaijablog CEO.Thanks!

***********************After they successfully carted away our belongings, we tried to stop bus to rush the guy to hospital as he was bleeding seriouslly but no one stop. Police later came to our aid to rescue him.
After they left, I walked away from the scene to look
for a lift. Just about 10min later, a Jeep stopped by…….
Driver: hello lady!
Me: good afternoon sir!
Driver: where are you going me: I’m going to al-ameen hospital sir.
Driver: which of al-ameen?
Me: Temidire
Driver: come in (opened the door)
Me: thanks!
Driver: are you going for treatment?
Me: my brother was hospitalised.
Driver: what’s his nature of ailment?
Me: severe malaria.
Driver: am sorry! Less I forget I’m Chief Abiodun
Me: am Temmy
Chief: Temilade or Temitope?
Me: Temilade
Chief: that’s nice name. So what are you doing in that
Me: I was robbed on my way back from campus.
Chief: am sorry! How did it happened?
Me: I ignorantly entered their bus.
Chief: hope they did not harm you?
Me: at all sir, but they collected all I have even money meant for my brother hospital bill and my phone.
Chief: Only God knows where this world is heading to.
How much is the said money?
Me: #12,000.
Chief: (he brought out a parcel of one thousand note) take this to take care of your brother.
Me: thank you so much sir may God replenish your
Chief: amen, I will drop you in that junction so take
bike from there.
Me: alright sir!
Chief: (parked) here is my card you are free to call
me anytime.
Me: yes sir. I will call you immediately I buy another
phone sir.
Chief: wait! Have this to get another phone bye. He
ignited the engine and left. I can’t believe such human being still exist because when I counted the money he gave me, it was twenty five thousand without asking me out.
Temmy you must ta tan(get hold of him) for this man(a thought came
to my mind). Noooo! He’s much older than you
(another thought). Is age matter in love(thinking)?
Stop this daydream he’s yet to propose to you (another thought) that’s how my thought was playing on my intelligence. I later stopped a bike to take me to the hospital……
When I got there, I asked the receptionist about which
ward my brother is. He directed me to ward 8,
Me: ko ko ko(knocking)!
Mum: come in.
Me: afternoon ma!
Mum: crying! Your brother is dying.
Me: what happened again?
Mum: he need another blood!
Me: stop crying he will be ok.
Mum: we need to pay the balance.
Me: relax I will be back mum.
I left for doctor’s office.
Doctor: come in
Me: am miss Temilade the sister to the boy in ward 8.
Doctor: you see! I have told your mother to pay so
that we can treat that boy but she just sat down,
Me: have came to pay for it (frown my face).
Doctor: I’m sorry for speaking in that manner!
Me: don’t worry!
Doctor: you may go to cashier to pay for his bill.
I left the doctor office to deposit the money, I heard a
voice shouting Help! Help!! Help!!! From my brother
That’s my mother voice what could have happened???
I rushed down there.
The story continues…………


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