EPISODE 7 : Temilade Episode Story

The story titled "TEMILADE" was written
for your great pleasures to learn more from episodes of life.
.No part of it should be reproduced
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****************************************When I got to the ward I met my mother shaking my brother shouting, open your eyes please amidst of crying!
I don’t know when I started shouting Doctor! Doctor!! Doctor!!!
He rushed in to examine him. He mounted his stethoscope to find his pulse. And he finally broke the news.
Doctor: am sorry he’s dead! Me: whaaat????
I started rolling on the floor. Doctor: nurse, park him.
Mum: why Biodun with all our efforts on you??? Am
doomed oh!
Suddenly! He sneezed heavily…….
I ran down to doctor’s office….
Me: Doctor! Doctor!! Doctor!!! My brother has woke!
After examing him, Allahu akbar (God is great) was the only thing doctor could muttered.
After five minutes of silence he manage to said………
Doctor: madam your son is hale and healthy now.
Mum: Alhamudulilah, Alhamudulilah,Alhamudulilah…..(meaning Glory be to God)
Biodun: I’m hungry mummy!
Doctor: nurse give him glucose first.
Me: what will you like to eat?
Biodun: rice and plaintain.
Me: let me go and get it for you, ok?
Biodun: yes my sister.
A nurse rushed in……..
Nurse: emergency sir!
Doctor: what sort of emergency???
Nurse: it’s a fatal accident.
He left with the nurse……………………
Me: I will be back let me go and get the food for you.
I left the ward to get the food for Biodun. I came back
ten minutes later.
Me: here is your food Biodun.
Mum: sit up to eat your food darling.
Me: should I feed you?
Biodun: yes
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A nurse came in later……
Nurse: doctor wanted to see you.
Mum: me?
Nurse: No aunty
I followed her to the doctor’s office.
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Doctor: there was called for emergency the other
Me: yes about the victim of an accident.
Doctor: yes. I asked the nurse to call you because I knew your mother is hypertensive. Your father was among the victims of the accident.
Me: whaaaat??? I bursted into tears……..God why? What
has my family done wrong???
Doctor: you have to take heart at this point.
Me: this is too much for me to bear!
Doctor: not only that!
Me: what else again?? Has he died??
Doctor: no! It’s soo unfortunate that we have to
amputate his two legs.
Me: ampu..what?? God you are wicked! Why all these?
God why???
Doctor: you better thank God because he’s only
survivor of the accident.
Me: well, where is him now?
Doctor: he’s in emergency ward.
Me: can I see him now?
Doctor: no because he’s sleeping. So you will need to
deposit one hundred and fifty thousand naira for the amputation and other treatments.
Me: please doctor no way I can get such money at this time. Am still a student please help my family.
Doctor: you must look for the money as soon as possible. Failure to do so, may cause more harm to
that legs.
The story continues……..


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